An Early Celebration

I have a friend who has been getting me into trouble lately, and her initials are Miss Katrina. She's got me hooked on these:

Tp 1

They're Cadbury Mini Eggs, and I've eaten them for breakfast and dessert for the past three days. (What, you don't have dessert after breakfast?) I've never been a big chocolate addict, but for some reason I can't stop eating them.

Katrina, you are a very bad influence, but I think you already knew that.

Which brings me to my next topic: Easter. I found myself humming an old hymn today, called He Lives, and I thought that a few of the lyrics would fit perfectly into a little Easter sampler. Feel free to download this by clicking on the link below, and not the actual image. (Keep in mind that the image colors you see on your monitor are not true to the actual DMC colors used.. they're similar, but not exact.)

Download Rejoice

Rejoice color

If this is something you plan on stitching for Easter, then I so hope you enjoy your time spent with it. But whatever you choose to work on, don't forget to have these by your stitching spot:

Tp 2

ETA: For the lyrics to He Lives and to read a bit about the composer, Alfred Ackley, please visit And Happy early Easter!

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  1. Ack!!!! Paulette, I’ve been resisting the temptation of those mini eggs so far. You’ve blown it for me I think. lolol! I might have to go searching now. Thanks for the free design — it’s so pretty! But then everything you design is pretty…..

  2. I’ve already spoiled my diet by eating a whole bag of them last week and then bought a huge 32 oz bag of them at Sam’s Club…put them in a bowl for watching “The Bachelor” last night with friends….oh they are sooo good, and yes, I believe it was Katrina who sent me my first bag of those in an exchange a few years back! Darn her!

  3. Thanks for the complimentary chart; looking forward to stitching it! I do want to thank you for posting about those “egg” lip balms. I decided to try them after that post and wow!

  4. I love those eggs too! Yum! Thanks so much, Paulette, for the freebie chart! I want to stitch it for on my buffet. It will go nicely with my Easter egg tree! (Along with a nice egg shaped bowl of those little yummy eggs!) Thanks again for sharing the chart! Linda in CO

  5. Thanks for the lovely Rejoice chart.
    Have you tried slowly sucking the shell off the eggs as they melt in your mouth and then have a sip of tea or coffee…… and the chocolate melts even more and you are in HEAVEN!!!!

  6. Cadbury Mini Eggs? The. BEST.
    I’m not sure how it is in Nebraska, but here in Massachusetts, it’s sometimes hard to find them because they sell out! Especially the very-hard-to-find dark chocolate eggs!

  7. We can’t rejoice enough to give Him all the honor He deserves.
    I love these cross stitch pattern. There are so few of them… So thank you so much for letting you being inpired by our Savior.
    Hugs and God bless,
    The Netherlands

  8. Thank you, Paulette! Another lovely chart. I have to say I love some of the old hymns and “He Lives” is a favourite (also like Nicole, The old rugged cross) – Easter isn’t Easter without singing them.

  9. I would like to send you my personnal version of your model “The queen’s crowns”. Is it possible to contact me and say me where I can send it, please ? If you’re interrested, of course…
    Véronique from Paris, France

  10. I’m ignoring those little chocolatey bits of love as hard as I can. (don’t think about them, don’t think about them) Your freebie is awesome! I love it! And it might make the perfect little thank you for the minister in our wedding (which is the week after Easter). If only I can find the time. Thank you so much for sharing it! (don’t think about chocolate, don’t think about chocolate)

  11. Have chocolate “after” breakfast, you ask… well, I have it BEFORE and AFTER breakfast!
    And oh, thanks so much for reminding me that those eggs are out again now! I love them and can’t stop eating them. But I’m still going to look for some tomorrow when I go to the store! LOL!
    Linda in VA

  12. I look forward to the mini Cadbury eggs every easter. They are my favorite Easter candy. 🙂 I haven’t had any yet, but seeing them pictured on your blog so prettily displayed in that lime green bowl is about to change that. Yummy!
    I may have to make a run to the store this afternoon. LOL!
    Love Rejoice! Printing it and putting it with the other Easter smalls that I would like to stitch this year! Thank you!!!!

  13. Love that hymn….and I adore those eggs. I always make bird nests with chow mein noodles every Easter and we use these eggs instead of jelly beans (much better than jelly beans). More than one bag is needed due to “snacking” eggs! Oh, it was on the news last week that eating sweets in the morning is better, your metabolism is higher and burns more calories!!!! Thanks for the beautiful chart.

  14. I love that hymn and thank you for posting about it today – I needed to think of that. That hymn reminds me of the church I grew up in and many Easter Sundays with my family. Thanks for the chart too – love those sheep!

  15. Hi Paulette
    I am planning to stitch the Dutch Beauty sampler
    Ilive in Austalia and do not have any craft shops
    near by to help me work out the thread yardage I would need.Iam planning to use silk thread and was wondering if you would be able to help with how many skiens I would need.
    I would be very gratful for your help.

  16. Thank you for the Easter stitch! I love Rejoice! I’ve been looking for a quick Easter stitch and I love the sentiment in this one.
    I haven’t heard that hymn since I was a child. It’s not sung in the Anglican(Episcopal)church here. My husband is an organist and he hasn’t even heard it. I was shocked!
    I gave up junk food for Lent. Is there some way that the Cadbury eggs can be declared a health food? I can almost taste them!

  17. What a great post!!! A gift for Easter, reminders of lovely old hymns, and a temptation that OBVIOUSLY falls outside of any Lenten fasting 🙂
    Thanks Paulette
    Liz x

  18. What????? You couldn’t resist Katrina ???? LOL !!! She is a very bad influence isn’t she? At least I got you hooked on EOS and not sugar filled eggs.
    Love your little freebie !!! I have it all printed and ready to stitch. Thanks so much !!

  19. Thanks for the designs
    As for the eggs I have loved them for a long time they just melt in your mouth BUT I can not have sweets so I stay away from them as much as possible. Wish me LUCK.
    Happy Easter

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