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As I drove through my neighborhood today, I noticed all the robins in people's front yards. Around here, when one sees a robin, one knows spring is very near. So this gives me hope, despite all the snow on the ground (and still floating down from the gray sky today), that the beautiful pastel colors of the new season are almost here. I'm so looking forward to the grass slowly waking up and blushing its bright green, the sunshine coming out from behind the clouds and staying for more than just a few minutes at a time, and especially for my lilacs to start blooming, accenting the breeze with their gorgeous scent. (The part I will miss is my sweet boy Friday laying under them, and then coming back into the house with perfumed fur.)

I don't normally design in light, spring colors (although they are my favorites); I tend to want to dabble in autumn designs more than the other seasons. So for my next release, I've combined my two loves (spring and autumn) and come up with this:

Spring Jack.

Spring Jack MODEL tp

This was stitched by Sherri Berkman, and she did a fantastic job on it! She also chose the amazing frame for it, which can be ordered from Total Framing. Thank you so much, Sherri!

Here is the information you'll need, if you plan to order Spring Jack…

Release Date: April 1
Stitch Count: 125 x 99
Fabric: 40 ct. Vintage Tundra by Lakeside Linens
Threads: Gentle Art Sampler Threads (Old Hickory, Wood Trail, Brandy, Lambswool, Cornhusk, Endive, Old Brick, And Picket Fence) and Crescent Colours (Ye Olde Gold, Antique Lace, Cobbled Peach, and Tennessee Red Clay).

Another option to the Tundra linen would be to go with something darker, like Vintage Examplar or one of R&R's rich coffee-colored linens. The lighter floss colors will show up beautifully on any of these neutral colors.

By the way, when I was trying to get the photo taken for the chart, Miss Tilly-Roux decided to photo-bomb the vignette:


Silly girl. She's ready for spring as well, but more for the robins than the pastel colors.



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