Elizabeth is Framed!

I've been meaning to show you all what Jill did for my finished Elizabeth Sheffield (Scarlet Letter)! I was blown away once again by Jill's talent for choosing just the right moulding, and I had planned on immediately sending another piece to her as soon as Elizabeth arrived on my doorstep, but I've not had time to finish the next project on my list just yet. Maybe this spring some time, I'll have Ruth Bacheler (also a Scarlet Letter) ready to send to her.

Here is Elizabeth, hanging between my front door and a bright window in my entry way…

ES tp-1

ES tp-2

ES tp-3

ES tp-4

ES tp-5

I'm in love! Thank you so very, very much, sweet Jill. 🙂

And speaking of frames, I got Viktor & Irina put in their frame and whisked away to market, just in the knick of time. I showed this photo on Facebook, but forgot to show it here as well! So sorry about that! The frame is from Hobby Lobby, for those of you who asked me…

Viktor & Irina tp

I hope you found lots of stuff at this year's Nashville Market to be excited about. I know I spied a thing or two I won't be long without. 😉

16 Replies to “Elizabeth is Framed!”

  1. That frame is just perfect for Elizabeth!! It really makes the colors in the sampler stand out!! And I love the frame for Viktor and Irina. I think I’m going to have to check out Hobby Lobby!

  2. Just love Victor and Irina! It is definitely coming home with me! Thank you for telling where you purchased the frame. It’s just perfect! Finally, Jill did such a wonderful job with your fabulous piece! I can only imagine how thrilled you must be.

  3. Jill has done an amazing job with Elizabeth. It’s just gorgeous! Anytime I’ve seen anything which she has done I’ve been blown away. I would love to have her frame one of mine someday.
    I’ve just placed my order for Viktor & Irina. This was the very first design that grabbed my attention from all the new ones that have come out of the market. Can’t wait to stitch it!

  4. Wonderful as always!! I love them both!! I took pictures of your models displayed at the Nashville Needlework Show! (of course I did….being your #1 stalker fan!!! LOL!) Can’t wait to get Viktor…none to be at at market..but that won’t stop me!!
    Hope all is well with you and your family…miss ya!

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