Dough Bowl Dreams

This past Christmas, more than ever, I was wishing I'd had lots and lots of stitched ornaments or pin pillows to put into the large dough bowl my mom had gotten for me last summer. It seems that dough bowls are the new Longaberger baskets, and I love seeing what people put in them.

Here is a collection Mom had out on her coffee table this past December…

RB and SS-1-2

And if you love Brenda Gervais' Word Play series, then you'll have to check out Carol Sims' bowl full of them!

So I've decided that in an effort to fill my own dough bowl with yuletide goodies, I'd stitch only Christmas patterns each Sunday this year. Hopefully, by the time the Christmas decorating season rolls back around, I'll have several to show for my time spent on Santa Sundays.

If you have Instagram downloaded on your iPhone or Android, then join in the fun! Siobhan, Tanya, my mom, and a few others have been participating, and we've been using the hashtag #santasundayxs.

This was the first ornament I finished for the new year…

RB and SS-1

It was the Samplers-and-Santas blog that inspired me to get moving on these. Her home is fabulous, and every time I visit her blog I want to stitch my figgy pudding guts out.

Anyway, my first ornament is Black Santa by Birds of a Feather (no longer in print, but will pop up on eBay occasionally). I changed my colors to a darker palette, but only because I didn't have many of the called-for colors. Here is my conversion, if you're interested…

Fabric used: 36 ct. Vintage Pearled Barley by Lakeside Linens.

Threads (with original colors on chart in paretheses):

GAST Old Red Paint (WDW Liberty)
GAST Soot (WDW Charcoal)
DMC 758 (DMC 3778)
GAST Grecian Gold (WDW Metallic Gold)
GAST Oatmeal (WDW White Wash)
DMC 3774 (DMC 3771)
GAST Grecian Gold (WDW Whiskey)
GAST Dried Thyme (WDW Hunter)

Notice I used Grecian Gold for both the Metallic Gold and the Whiskey, and I didn't sew on the white pearl beads for the falling snow.

My next project for Santa Sundays is Green Santa by BoaF, and I'm almost finished with it. I've changed the colors on this one as well, and have been enjoying it very much!

By the way, when I finished Elizabeth Sheffield, I moved on to my poor Ruth Bacheler that's been waning in the closet. I've decided that once I'm caught up with all the samplers I've started in the past few years, I'd like to never have something take me longer than 2 years to finish, because I don't like losing interest in them. It was hard to get back to Ruthie, but once I did, I really enjoyed her. However, I may need to take a break from her here and there, because I've got Irish Chain Stitches up to my eyeballs and see no end in sight.

RB and SS-2

I'll be back very soon with news about our newest addition to the family! But if you're on Instagram, you may already know about her. πŸ˜‰


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