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Tree Huggers.

We finally got the Christmas tree taken down, and if you follow me on Instagram, you may remember all the needles in the carpet I got to clean up. 🙂 Last week Mike loaded up the tree into the back of the car, and the three of us headed to a nearby tree recycling area to say goodbye. It was pitch-black out, even though it was only around 7 pm, so we had to shine the headlights on the pile of discarded trees just to see where we were placing it.

Mike and Sophie decided it would be best to make a huge production of throwing the tree, and they spent a few minutes formulating a huge plan for doing so. I was to be the videographer (with my cell phone), and they would be the Grandest Tree Tossers of All Time.

I'd like to share that major feat with you now, if you can bear to watch. And please know that after viewing this video myself, I've decided to try to come up with a laugh more akin to a chortle than a cackle.


Saying Goodbye to the Tree from Paulette Stewart on Vimeo.


And yes, Mike did actually say that the tree wanted to come back home with us.

ETA: The red item you see in the tree isn't a forgotten ornament, but rather the tag that was on it when we first purchased the tree; I had completely forgotten it was there, and never noticed it during the holidays.


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