Happy Day.

I turned another year wiser this month. 😉

It was a small party of three, but it was very nice.. I wanted to stay home and cook dinner that night, so Mike and Sophie decided to take me to my favorite place for lunch instead: Noodles & Company! If you have one within 400 miles of you, you need to drive there today. Order the Penne Rosa with Parmesan-crusted chicken and feta cheese. You won't be sorry! (Unless you're gluten-intolerant, like myself, and you'll pay for it for the following 3 days.)

Birthday tp-1

Sophie always orders the same thing that I do, while Mike orders something a little more Asian. (I don't know what his is called because I'm never paying attention when he orders; I'm generally in a trance, waiting for my Penne Rosa to arrive at the table, hot and fresh and just spicy enough to make me exclaim every single time I eat it, "Wow, this has some kick to it!")

Birthday tp-2

Sophie picked up my camera and turned it on Mike and I. She's quite good at photography, I must say… a little too good, I'm afraid, since this photo shows just how "wise" I really am. 😉

Birthday tp-3

After lunch, we headed to Nebraska Furniture Mart, where Mike bought me a bright orange Le Creuset coffee mug. He didn't know this, however, as he was in the men's room, but I received it with joy, and told him thank you. I imagine he thought I was referring to lunch again, but that will be between me and thee.

And after The Mart, he and Sophie got me cake and cupcakes at Jones Brothers! Oh my, how I love their buttercream. The cake flavor was Sweet and Salty Chocolate Cake, and the salt the sprinkled between the layers was outstanding! But my favorite is a simple vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting. (Again with the gluten-filled delights! Woa is me, I added another 3 days onto my suffering!)

Birthday tp-4

I suppose I may not actually be wiser after all, when you consider that I tend to go for the bent-over-in-agony, darnit-I-love-stuff-made-out-of-flour look. But it is oh, so worth it. 🙂


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