Elizabeth Sheffield

I finished! I've been working here and there on Elizabeth since last year, and have enjoyed every stitch. The colors were so much fun to work with!

Elizabeth Sheffield tp-1

I love Rhode Island samplers! Elizabeth is by The Scarlet Letter, and I changed the colors to my own conversion of Hand Dyed Fibers and Carrie's Creation silks.

Elizabeth Sheffield tp-3

Elizabeth Sheffield tp-2

Here's a wonky photo of the whole finished sampler. When I pressed it, I didn't bother straightening out the lines for the photo because I was planning on rolling it and shipping it off to Jill immediately. 🙂

Elizabeth Sheffield tp-5

The verse is so beautiful! As is the turquoise bird at the top.

Elizabeth Sheffield tp-4

By the way, any time I'm taking photos of stitching, the Yorkie comes to quietly watch me. She just sits there, intently studying my every move, like she's trying to learn how to do it herself. It's actually quite sweet unnerving.

Elizabeth Sheffield tp-6

Yorkie, all I can say is that this sampler had me at Colonial Couple.

If you're interested in the materials I used to stitch Elizabeth, here's the list:

Fabric: 40 ct. mystery fabric by Lakeside Linens. Quite possibly Vintage Light Examplar.

Threads I used (with the pattern's listed colors in parentheses):

*CC = Carrie's Creation
*HDF = Hand Dyed Fibers
*(AVAS listed on chart pack)

CC Saguaro (2136)
CC Baja Blue (136)
CC Koala Claw (2516)
CC Cafe Ole (2834)
CC Moose Drool (3823)
CC Tiger Eye (3816)
CC Dawn Sky (2913)
CC Baby Teal (131)
CC Marina (134)
HDF 3331 (514)
HDF 1423 (1314)
HDF 4145 (2514)
HDF 3167 (1844)
HDF 4113 (3741)
HDF 3465 (2234)
HDF 4325 (2636)
HDF 3347 (3423)
HDF 5300 (Noir)
HDF 5143 (4136)
HDF 1403 (4631)
HDF 3169 (1846)
HDF 5125 (4242)
HDF 5121 (Creme)

I can't wait to get her back from Jill's studio! I may, however, avoid stitching brightly-colored samplers in the future, because both Sabrina and Sophie have laid claim to Elizabeth. (And since Sophie thinks that Sabrina will perhaps win her in the end, Sophie has decided to stalk my next project, which is The Scarlet Letter's Ruth Bacheler – also a brightly-colored sampler.)

Now that I've gotten my "fun" stitching fix, I'm back to working on the model for my January release. 🙂 See you soon!




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