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Pink Papaya!

I'm a sucker for good cosmetics and skin care. What can I say? I got it honestly, as my mother is quite the cosmetics fiend herself, often hiding in a closet somewhere with her laptop, adding things to her virtual shopping cart and checking out faster than you can cry Uncle-wears-mascara. So imagine my excitement when Bre announced to me that she's discovered a new line of products that she loves and has decided to sell!

I immediately headed straight to her website and began browsing, and oh my, I was in love! I told Bre I'd love to share it here with you all, just in case you'd like to give any of the products a try for yourself. I have to say, I'm impressed with what I've ordered so far, and it arrived on my doorstep in a very timely manner.

Pink Papaya-1

My hands get very dry in the winter, so I love a good hand scrub. This stuff smells so natural and good – actually, it reminds me of grapefruit. Very clean!

Pink Papaya-2

You just wet your hands a little and scoop some out of the jar. Then you scrub your hands together, rinse, and voila! Smooth, smooth, smooth.

Pink Papaya-3

The cranberry seeds make it so pretty, too. 😉

And what would a Paulette order be without this:

Pink Papaya-4

Now you knew I couldn't resist something with a name like that. 😉 I expected this to smell just like coffee beans, but in fact, it's more like a sweet coffee drink. It's very pleasant, and the scrub is much finer than the Cranberry Orange Hand Scrub. The only downside is that I have the urge for a Frappuccino every time I use it.

And finally, this is probably some of the best body cream I've ever used. It's non-greasy and very silky, and I really love the smell! (I actually keep it by the kitchen sink and use it on my hands after I've washed them.)

Pink Papaya-5

If you'd like to treat yourself to one of Pink Papaya's products, or maybe get a last-minute Christmas present for anyone, you can click here: Bre's Pink Papaya Website. I appreciate your taking the time to stop by my blog, even when I'm not talking about stitching! I just really wanted to show you all these things, just in case you like fun, new cosmetics and skin care products like I do. Not to mention like my mom does. 😉

Pink Papaya-6

ETA: I've updated the Pink Papaya link bc some of you were having trouble with error messages. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you so much for your patience! 🙂


  • LIttlebit

    I love the pictures and will have to try the hand scrubs! Omg..I got the cleanser. Now I am guilty..I love, love, love, love, love good cosmetics, and I am a skin care junkie. Honestly..this cleanser is some of the best that I have ever used. It takes off every trace of my makeup–and I have told our friendly consultant–that being none other than Bre–that twice now. Even my mascara..I would order it again in a will probably lock my computer. PP now has new meaning..not PayPal..PINK PAPAYA! LOL! LLLY

  • Lori

    I am trying to go to Bre’s site, but I keep getting this message:
    “This site requires session cookies and first party cookies to function properly but your web browser does not appear to accept”
    I tried using Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Any other suggestions?

  • Phyllis

    The same for me…”This site requires session cookies and first party cookies to function properly but your web browser does not appear to accept”
    When I tried to enable the “session cookies”, my virus popup stated unsafe site!

  • bre

    I just had to let that website accept cookies… I use a macbook so I just had to go into my browser preferences and allow cookies for the site

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