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Christmas Hooligans

I tried taking the Hooligans' photo recently for Christmas, and my hair still hasn't grown back yet from where I snatched it out.

"Come on, hoolies, let's do this. Sit nice for me and you can have a Wheat Thin."

Christmas Hooligans tp-6

"Tasha, you need to move forward."

Christmas Hooligans-2 copy

"Tasha, move forward so I can take the picture. You can have a Wheat Thin afterward."

Christmas Hooligans tp-3

"Tasha that's enough. I'm setting the Wheat Thins behind me. You can have one if you move forward."

Christmas Hooligans tp-4

"Look at me, Tasha. Not the crackers."

Christmas Hooligans-5 copy


"Oh for Pete's Sake. Just have one now."

Christmas Hooligans tp-8

"Thank you. Now was that so hard?"

Christmas Hooligans-16 copy

The Hooligans hope you're having a lovely Christmas season so far.


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