Here are just a few moments from recent days…

These wild thistles that grow behind my house, next to a busy street, were a pretty spot in the overcast gloom today.

May 30 tp 1

I passed by Sabrina's room and got excited that she'll finally be home from school this Friday. I've missed my girl.

May 30 tp 2

I also miss my Bre, who left to start her new life in a new town with little Tilly.

May 30 tp 4

May 30 tp 5

May 30 tp 20

When I painted my bedroom recently, I also painted my bathroom, so I decided to have some fun and add a few new accessories.

I absolutely love handmade soaps, and I found these on Etsy.

May 30 tp 7

I also found a lovely blue vintage Ball jar with a glass lid…

May 30 tp 6

I got this wire bread basket at Kohl's, but decided to use it for fluffy wash cloths instead of bread.

May 30 tp 10

Here's a new handsoap I got a Trader Joe's. Its fragrance reminds me of hotel soap.. it leaves such a clean smell on my hands, and I love it.

May 30 tp 9

I found this tiny cloche at Hobby Lobby, and it sits on the side of my bathtub now.

May 30 tp 8

I'd like to put this one in a cloche!

May 30 tp 15

But Tasha's a sweetheart. Poor, friendless Tasha.

May 30 tp 16

If you've been checking my mom's blog lately, you know she and my dad were the proud grandparents of 4 baby cardinals this spring. However, these little creatures weren't meant to grow to adulthood, as none of them made it past this downy phase…

May 30 tp 18

Spring brought lots of beauty with it, as usual…

May 30 tp 19

And I have no idea what this plant is, but I do remember putting it in the ground last year… I'm glad it was nice enough to return! I think those tiny pink flowers are so sweet…

May 30 tp 17

Here's another welcome visitor to the back yard… Mom doesn't much care for the mourning doves bc they kick her mulch out of place. But even though they do that to my landscape as well, I think they're charming little creatures.

May 30 tp 12

Speaking of Mom, look at this restaurantware she surprised me with! I love the feel of diner-style coffee cups, and this one was from the Coronado Hotel in California…

May 30 tp 14

When Bre moved back into her room, I moved out my fledgeling collection of Colonial-style accessories. And now that those accessories are settled in my dining room – and she's moved back out – I decided I needed some new accessories in the room. So Mom and I headed to Weathered and Worn and we each picked up these candleabras (mine is red, while hers is black) and battery-powered candles. I love these candles bc they've got built-in timers in them; every night they come on at the same time, and stay on for 6 hours before turning back off again.

May 30 tp 11

I'll leave you with one more thing I added to the bedroom. Thanks to Miss Tanya (The Scarlett House) and her powers of persuasion, I bought my first antique sampler, and I'm ever-so-in-love with it.

May 30 tp 13

I wish so badly I could sit here and blog more. I miss hearing from you all and sharing little things that happen here in this crazy house of mine. Truth be told, though, I just can't sit here like I used to, thanks to some hip pain issues I've been experiencing for a while now. And what stitching I get done is actually done standing up at the kitchen counter! Yes, it can be done, and isn't nearly as uncomfortable as one would imagine. 🙂 (As a matter of fact, I stitched nearly all of The Flood standing up!) 

And as for stitching, I've been working away on models, as well as doling others out to some very sweet model stitchers. 🙂 I'm going to pick up a Halloween-themed one tomorrow (thank you, Connie!), and have two others (Salem Sisters 3 and Vexation Sampler) that are being worked on (thank you, Rindy and Karen!).

My little Sophie would like to borrow my computer now, so I suppose I'll get off of here and let the dogs out before heading to bed early.

It was fun visiting with you all. I've missed you!


  • PJ

    As always beautiful pictures! Love your new look you’ve put together for your bathroom, very fresh. Bless your heart Paulette; sorry to hear about your discomfort and pain. But you appear to be determined to get it done one way or another. 🙂 hope you find relief soon.

  • Margaret

    I always love to see a post from you, Paulette. Fun to see what’s new at your house and all. And what’s the same too. 😀 Hope you are finding some time to relax in the midst of everything.

  • Faye

    Love all the nostalgic photos Paulette…..I know you will miss Bre…. AND, can I just say I love love love the sampler….From what I see, it will be on my bucket list, fer sure!
    Smiles, Faye

  • Sherry

    Sounds like alot going on at your place! So sad about the baby cardinals. Love the candles you and your mom got along with the other goodies. I love handmade soaps too but living with all men, it doesn’t go over big. Love your antique sampler! I hope your hip pain doesn’t get any worse. I hate those aches and pains I get now. By the way, I finally get to pick up Poor Maidens this weekend from the framers!

  • Leslie

    I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing that I am not the only one with a crazy household. I loved your photos, and I am sorry to hear you are having hip issues, and hope you are feeling better soon.

  • Cathryn

    Paulette, you are missed too. Hearing you talk about your girls and how they are growing gives me memory pains about my girls ‘leaving the nest’. I miss those days so much. I wish Bre well. Looking forward to Sabrina updates and well, Sophie – she is getting more beautiful everytime I see her. Your pictures, as usual, speak for themselves and I so enjoy seeing them. Take care of yourself. Sending prayers for those aching parts of your body. hugs, Cathryn

  • Charlene♥SC

    It’s so good to see you! You are missed, but we know there is more to life than blogging; right?
    Oh-is that a crown I see peeking out from that sweet cup? To match the one on that beautiful antique sampler?
    Thanks for the lovely photos, and I can’t wait to see your new designs!

  • Cathy Lloyd

    Feel better soon Paulette! Darn it all..the pains! Physical therapy might be a help?? I just bought my first antique sampler and which is currently being conserved back in Pennsylvania. I’ll post a picture of it finished when I get it back. Love your new antique! HA! As always, I enjoy stopping by!

  • Linda Huson

    Love your “redo” – and all the sweet items you’ve found here and there. I am going over to Trader Joe’s soon to see if I can find that hand soap! I may not use it – I’m allergic to so much – but I love the bottle and label!
    I know Sophie will miss Tilly alot! And Bre of course – LOL!
    Sorry to hear about your hip pain. I’ve been going through leg pain issues for over a year now – not fun! I had inflamed bursas in my hip – got a shot of coritzone and it helped quite a bit! It affected my leg, my hip, my ankle! I could barely walk!
    Love the sampler! I’ve always wanted a real antique sampler – but doubt it will ever happen! But you never know!!
    Can’t wait to see your new designs!
    Linda in VA

  • Linda

    Paulette, it was so good to drop by and see your new post! I have missed you! I can sympathize with you on aching parts! I know that story all too well! I do so enjoy your pictures and stories. Stay well and post as often as you can as we all enjoy your site. I drop by everyday just in case there is news and consider it a brighter day when there is! Good luck to Brea and sweet Tilly! Have a wonderful summer with your beautiful family! Linda in CO

  • Katrina

    Fun, fun pictures!!!! Hope Bre’s move is everything she wants it to be and you stop feeling so achy. Love, love, love your new acquisition too :-).

  • Lynn Jones

    It was so good to hear from you Paulette! I do enjoy your photos so much too. I’ll bet you’ll miss that little Tilly almost as much as you miss Bre! Good luck to her on her new ventures!
    My blogging and stitching are both suffering lately due to hip issues so I understand. I thought it was only arthritis but it seems I have some new, weird connective tissue disorder. God, I hate getting old, lol! I think it’s amazing that you manage to stitch while standing. Hope your aches leave you soon.

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