It’s Good to Be Twelve.

I remember turning twelve. It seemed so old compared to eleven… My sweet Joonbug celebrated her birthday yesterday by inviting over her Meems and Pops and having a cookout here at home. She loves birthdays, no matter whose they are, and we did our best to make hers as special as she makes others'. (If it's your birthday, just let Sophie know and she'll be in a good mood all day – I'm not even kidding.)

She's just too much fun to buy for (as Bre can attest… she pretty much broke the bank bc she couldn't stop adding to the pile when shopping for Sophie in Aeropostale). 

Tp 2

Bean couldn't be with us bc she's taking a field course out in western Nebraska, but before she left, she presented Sophie with a new version of her old cell phone, which was quite exciting for Soph! Of course, Big Papa gets to deal with the data plan upgrade, but he did agree to it. It doesn't really matter that he was engrossed in a video game when the idea was presented, does it? (jk!)

Speaking of Big Papa, he taught the birthday girl all about the art of grilling…

Tp 1

(Btw, those are my "Sweeters" on the top grill rack, as Mike calls them. They're sweet potatoes with all sorts of goodies sprinkled on top).

This was Mike's plate.. I always thought his mustard technique for hot dogs was interesting (which is evidence for why I don't pick him for my team when playing Pictionary)…

Tp 3

Time for the bean bag toss, which was one of Mike's gifts to Soph…

Tp 10

Tp 9

I love this picture of these two…

Tp 8

We also played Ladder Ball, which is always fun!

Tp 11

One of Sophie's very favorite television shows is Cupcake Wars on The Learning Channel, so instead of a traditional cake, we surprised her with various gourmet cupcakes. (And for fun, since she's a Toy Story fan, I got her a miniature Buzz Lightyear cake.)

Tp 4

Sophie loved all of her presents, and she was especially glad her grandparents came over. Not that they would have missed it. 😉

Tp 6

I do have to interject, however, that her little brother got on her nerves a bit:

Tp 5

Especially when he took her prized earrings that were laying nearby and placed them in the bored-out eyes of the ice cream man he had created. This did not go over well with the birthday girl, and I reminded her that men are boys too, and they require much patience at times.

Tp 7

Sophie, you are amazing. And we're so very happy you were born. We love you!

Tp 12

P.S. This morning she said to me, "I'm starting to feel twelve now." And since today is the last day of school, she added, "And can you believe at 3:00 today, I'll be a seventh grader?"

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  1. Best post – loved it. Happy Bday to your Girlie! She is lovely. I HAVE to make those sweet potatoes thingies with looks like brown sugar and marshmallows- oh YES – gotta try it.
    Tanya xx

  2. Gosh, after seeing the photos, I can see where you and your daughters get their looks…you’re Mom is beautiful(and your Dad is quite handsome too!)Happy Birthday Sophie, you look older than 12! Enjoy the summer for soon you will be a 7th grader(can adulthood be far behind?). Love the cupcakes..wish I had one NOW!!

  3. Best birthday-wishes to Sophie.
    I think it was a wonderful day. And nice things to eat. Paulette, “Ich habe Hunger” 😉
    I can´t believe that it was the last day of school for Sophie. Here, we have the last day of school in July,20. Moritz thinks that this day will never come. It is so far away.
    I hope you got my e-mail. Tell me if not. I used a different e-mail-address.
    Today I had a wonderful “knit-night” in my knitting group in Oldenburg. We were outside of a Bistro, because since a few days, we have summer. We meet since five years, once a week.
    I love knitting, but cross stitching is the best.
    Liiiiebe Grüße aus Deutschland von Anja

  4. YUM YUM

  5. Sounds like a great family birthday party! My favorite birthday parties growing up were just with family. So much joy to celebrate the life of our loved ones! Happy Birthday Sophie! My how they grow so fast.

  6. Happy, happy birthday, Sophie!! A seventh grader now – wow.
    That whole post made me smile. I am going to have to try those sweet potatoes – yum!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Miss Sophie! I cannot believe how grown up she is looking… twelve is decidedly different!
    She just exudes so much energy through photos.. I can only imagine how fun and expressive she is in person. 🙂

  8. Belated Happy Birthday wishes Sophie! It looks like you had an amazing day. You’re going to have to explain ladder ball to me though. I’m not familiar with that one at all.
    Loved the cupcakes too!

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