Memorial Day Cookout

Every time we pull out of my parents' driveway after enjoying one of their cookouts, Mike always says the same thing: "I always have the best time at your parents' house."  It really is so fun to get together with them, and I'm sad that for this one, the older girls had to miss out. (Sophie, on the other hand, wasn't too upset about it.)

Md tp 8

I made a fresh pear cobbler, and Mom made homemade ice cream to go with it…

Md tp 1

As usual, Mom has the prettiest things sitting around on the deck my dad built for her…

Md tp 4

The milk jars are actually tea lite holders…

Md tp 2

Md tp 3

The weather was perfect, and looking out into the yard was almost inspiring enough to get my own yard in shape. Almost.

Md tp 11

This is Sophie's favorite part of her Meems' and Pops' garden:

Md tp 7

And this was Major's, when he used to romp around and drink it dry:

Md tp 6

Mom's newest addition to a tree (you can find all sorts of little things hidden in the trees here):

Md tp 5

(Mike was content with his marshmallows, but when he finds out there were photos taken that he wasn't included in, I'm sure he'll be sore over it.)

I wish I had been able to get a better photo of these two trying to get the fire started for the marshmallows, but I do like looking at this one and remembering how much fun Soph had helping out her Pops…

Md tp 12

My dad is a quiet man, and would usually rather observe than verbalize (and that's actually something I love about him; he's very comforting to be around)…

Md tp 10

This one, on the other hand, would prefer to verbalize…

Md tp 18

Ah, here's the marshmallow man!

Md tp 15

Md tp 14

This may be too charred for some people, but I love them this way!

Md tp 13

We also played the usual ladder ball and bean bag toss, which is always so much fun. (Btw, I've had a few people ask me about ladder ball.. you can find a whole set for under $20.00 at Wal-Mart, along with several other lawn games.)

I hope you all had a really nice Memorial Day weekend. As usual, when we spend an evening at my parents' home, we certainly did.

Md tp 9


  • Rebecca

    Your party food looks wonderful. I love a good picnic.
    Paulette,was wanting to get a hold of you to ask about your teaching schedual. Will you email me please? I can’t link to your email info off of the blog.
    Thank you. Have a great week.

  • joanntx

    i LOVE your mom’s back yard! wow! i love the arbor?
    and all the plants that surround it, and the little bench. what a fantastic job she has done of landscaping! its BEAUTIFUL! can she come stay with me and give me some landscape tips??? she’s have a field day in my back yard as it is as blank as a blank canvas!
    looks like you all had a fun memorial day!

  • eileen

    Beautiful way to spend the day….
    was wondering where Sophie got her zebra necklace….my 13 year-old loves anything zebra and I thought the necklace was so cute!

  • Siobhan

    Great pictures!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that clematis. Sophie is so pretty–I’m sure she loved getting everybody’s undivided attention. 🙂

  • Lynn Jones

    Your Mom’s gardens look like a little piece of heaven!I love her arbour! What a wonderful spot in which to spend an afternoon. Sounds like it was a great day! BTW, I like my marshmallows burnt too!

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