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Bre’s Apartment

Well aren't you all just so clever, suggesting Sophie get a cat of her own? I had to laugh at the comments on the last post.. yes, my Sophie does think she deserves her own kitten, but she does have a guinea pig named Ruby and a fish named Shamudeedee (don't ask) who would disagree with the majority of you. 😉

Here are a few pictures I took of Bre's room when we were down there the last time…I love her little room! It's so cheery, and it's so Bre!

Apt tp 1

Apt tp 2

My dad made her this cool necklace rack…

Apt tp 3

…complete with these charming little knobs (each one is different)…

Apt tp 4

I made her this earring frame…

Apt tp 5

Apt tp 6

…and these kitties make her crazy!

Apt tp 7

I thought it was cute how Tilly jumped up on the bed when she heard Bre opening a new bag of food and pouring it into the food jar…

Apt tp 8

Apt tp 9

Breanna loves her Tilly Charlotte Sox..

Apt tp 10

I thought it was funny how Tilly ran underneath Bre when Bre was squatting down to put something away… oh, the fun I have at my oldest daughter's expense!

Apt tp 11

I bought this little bird for Frieda's room when she came to live with us. Bre decided to take it with her to her apartment, and it sits on a windowsill…

Apt tp 12

Love that lamp!

Apt tp 13

Apt tp 14

I think Bre's room is perfectly cozy. It smells amazing too, bc she has that Huskers Scentsy burner on her nightstand that she got from my sister, Audrey, who is a Scentsy dealer. That was a shameless plug for my sister. 

Bre, I'm so proud of you, and I'm especially proud that your bed was made when I came over. 😉




  • Ann

    I love those little kittens, they are so adorable. The photo of kitty licking Sophie in your last post made me smile. Our cat does that and it’s such an affectionate thing for a cat to do.

  • Linda

    Oh come on. . . you can’t cuddle with a fish and I suppose you could cuddle with a guinea pig, but really. . . not like a cuddly, purring kitten. Come on! 😉
    Linda in CO

  • Siobhan

    ROFLOL at the pics of Bre with her tail showing. 😉
    Bre’s apartment is ADORABLE!! I love all the various little touches that inject her personality into the place.

  • Beth

    Everything is so cute in her apartment, especially the kitties. What are these scent burners you’re talking about? I need to know!

  • connie

    What a wonderful apartment. The kitties are just so stinking cute. Love the necklace rack. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  • joanntx

    the scent burners must come in handy, esp. with the kitty litter so close to the bed….eeeewwwww!
    but the kitties are cute as is the apt. and all the cool things everyone has made. such a creative family! even down to tillys food jar! 🙂

  • LIttlebit

    O.M.G. Breanna, we can get mom back for that picture!! LOLOL!! That Tilly is the cutest kitty in the world! (I am sure people are thinking, you should see MY cat!). Your room is so cute, Bre..great pictures, Paulette..and that’s why I won’t let you post any of are too sneaky! 🙂 LLY

  • Cathryn

    LOVE Bre’s place. 🙂 Love your pictures. The kitties are so very cute. I have a soft spot in my heart for kitties. The picture of the bird on the window sill and the story behind it is so poignant. Thanks, as usual, Paulette for sharing your family so generously. hugs, Cathryn

  • Lynn

    I see a major payback coming after that photo of Bre with her tail!!
    Her apartment is amazing! I love that lamp too and wish I had one just like it.
    The necklace hooks and the earring frame are really great. I just hope the kitties don’t think they’re great too!

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