New for September…

I realize this was supposed to be released last month, but the release was pushed off to September, so here it is – along with another one that's releasing tomorrow:

This is Beans, Beans

Beans, Beans MODEL tp

(Sound familiar? Maybe you're thinking of the Musical Fruit version, of which I have no plans to design a sampler around.)

Here's the pattern info:

Stitch count is 245 x 86, and it was stitched on Lakeside's 36 ct. Vintage Autumn Gold. I used two Belle Soie silks: Vanilla Pudding (DMC 712) and Old Crow (DMC 3371).

The frame is the best part, in my humble opinion! The molding reminds me of coffee beans, and I love anything that reminds me of coffee beans. :)  If you'd like to order the frame, contact the lovely ladies (Maryann or Julie) of Reflections Framing at 402-331-1740 or email Maryann here:

Next up:

Salem Hornbook…

Salem Hornbook MODEL tp

The info:

This was stitched on Lakeside's 36 ct. Vintage Pecan Butter (doesn't that make you hungry?) using Crescent Colours in Black Coffee, Whatley Woodlands, Stepping Stones, Zach Black, Avocado, Chai, Hickory Sticks, Joshua Tree, Green Onion, Fool's Gold, and Used Brick. The stitch count is roughly the same as Halloween Hornbook: 121 x 136. (Halloween Hornbook is 121 x 140).

A little extra info about this sampler: The bottom right block represents John Hale, a minister who approved of the court's witch trials in Salem, but later reconsidered his stance when his wife was accused and arrested for witchcraft in 1692. He wrote this book in 1697, challenging the way the courts handled the trials:


The middle square on the bottom represents Giles Corey, who was crushed to death with stones when he refused to enter a plea regarding whether or not he was indeed a wizard/warlock. Reputedly, his last words to his torturers were "more weight."

As for the frame, check out the texture on that hornbook, provided by the talented folks at Valley House Primitives! If you're interested, ask your shop owner to contact them at

One error I just noticed (and not before already sending these to the distributor) was that the chart states that I used silk (Belle Soie) in this piece; I did not, as Crescent Colours are most certainly made of cotton. 😉

I have one more release to show you tomorrow, as I'm out of time today! I must dash off to pick up Sabrina's car from the shop, as it's been making noises akin to what one would make after consuming musical fruit.

I hope you like the new releases! And Happy Fall!


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