A Sweet Reunion

Last weekend, when I told Soph I'd be visiting Bean and Bre, she begged to go along so she could play with Tilly. She missed Bre's kitten like crazy, and even cried when Bre had to take Tilly with her to her new apartment.

I was afraid that Tilly had possibly outgrown her cuddly-kitten ways, but that wasn't the case.

Tilly tp 1

Tilly tp 2

Tilly's sister, Lux, belongs to Bre's roommate. She has a bit more of a bobcat look to her…

Tilly tp 3

Such a gorgeous kitten! Sophie decided to give her some love as well…

Tilly tp 4

I can tell them apart by the ear tufts. 🙂

Tilly tp 5

Meanwhile, Tilly stared at her reflection in the camera lens…

Tilly tp 6

And inevitably, this is what happened:

Tilly tp 6b

Back up in Sophie's arms Tilly went…

Tilly tp 7

Tilly tp 8

Tilly tp 9

Tilly tp 10

Tilly tp 11

What a sweet baby girl!

Tilly tp 12

We sure enjoyed our visit with Tilly and Lux Bean and Bre. 🙂

15 Replies to “A Sweet Reunion”

  1. Paulette!!! Get that child a kitty!!! What’s one little kitty! Such a friend and cuddle pal! Come on Mom, get her a kitty! (I have 5 and we all cuddle!) Look at her (Sophie’s) little face…she NEEDS her own kitty! My oldest one (14) is chasing her tale on my computor desk as I speak. Here kitty, kitty….
    Linda in CO

  2. tilly and lux are so cute, but give me a puppy any day! 🙂 if it had been me i would have gone home and hugged the heck out of friday!
    hum….can’t remember haveing kittens on campus when i was in college or are the girls off campus?

  3. Such darling pictures!
    Check out the M’s on the kittys foreheads………..this means they are very smart fur babies!
    I think Sophie needs her very own kitty……..maybe a black one for Halloween????
    I’m just sayin………………….

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