Junk in the Trunk

Junk in the Trunk II

I've never been very good at dropping by the thrift stores to see if there's anything worth overhauling, but when Bre mentioned to me that she wanted a desk for her new apartment, we decided that Good Will was the first place we'd look.

In case you're wondering why I titled this post "Junk in the Trunk TWO," I actually did one post on re-doing something a long time ago: the hanging basket that I painted black and stuffed with autumn foliage. Remember that? If not, there's a "Junk in the Trunk" category in the sidebar that only has these two posts in it now. πŸ™‚

Bre spotted this old, beat up desk right away.. the legs aren't really bowed, but at my angle, my camera made it look a bit distorted…

Tp 1

Here's a chair we found. It had a dirty chair cushion that went with it, but we left that at the store.

Tp 2

Bre and her dad quickly got to work sanding (thank you for your hard work, Big Papa!)…

Tp 4

…And then she and I started the painting…

Tp 5

We decided to do something a little bit different and paint some wonky diamonds on the top of the desk…but first, it was break time. It was about 90 degrees in our little workspace…

Tp 7

Tp 8

The way it turned out was exactly how I had envisioned it in my mind, but I wasn't happy with it. Bre thought it was odd too, and neither of us could figure out if we should start over or not. She went ahead and added the glass knobs she'd chosen for it, and that instantly added some charm…

Tp 6

Finally, we decided to leave it as is until we could see what the "fixins" looked like on it… her one "splurge" item for her desk was the gorgeous lamp…

Tp 9

She also found these glass bottles at Good Will, and we chose these silks flowers from Hobby Lobby to go inside them (btw, Bre, it was fun looking at all the different combinations of flowers with you!)…

Tp 10

We ended up loving the desk after all was placed on top, and it looks so cute in her apartment room! The chair was painted red, but I forgot to take a picture of the "after" on that one.

Over all, not bad for $30 and a little elbow grease. And a Big Papa, of course!

P.S. When I visited Bre this past weekend, I took some pictures of her apartment. I'll post them soon, if you'd like to see them! And if not, then fair warning! πŸ˜‰


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