… I received photos of a gorgeous finish from Anto of Italy



Thank you, Anto! I love the way you've finished this, and the little heart button at the bottom is wonderful!

… I went to see the Justin Beiber movie with my Sophie. I never much cared for Justin Bieber, as his hair-do always gave me flashbacks to the school playground in 1976. But after seeing this movie, I'm now a Belieber. Love him!

Took this one with my cell phone, but if the real Justin ever walks into the theater, I'll be pushing little Soph out of the way and snapping my own picture with him.

2011-02-16 18.17.27

… And just today, Breanna came into town!  Love my homegirl, even more than Justin.

Bre 2 resize

Although I am thinking of changing her name to Biebereanna.

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  1. anto’s stitching is lovely! and i love how it is finished!
    i too had a problem w/the beiber-meister’s hair too. esp. when he’d whip it out of his face. oh, i just wanted to cut it !
    then i saw him on ellen…some rare moment i got to see ellen and liked his answers. seems like a good kid. and now i think he’s not whipping that hair so much on his head i can tolerate him! LOL!!!
    cute shot of Biebereanna!!!

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