Say Yes to the (Prom) Dress

Prom is a little over a month away, so Bean and I decided to get a head start on the shopping this year, rather than waiting until the last minute, when most of the dresses have been fairly picked over (and damaged by over-zealous promenaders).

We visited a few different stores, but ended up having the best selection in Younkers. Here are some of the dresses Bean tried on, and we would have taken them all home if we could have! Each one had such a different "personality," but in the end, we went with the one that matched Sabrina's the best. 🙂 (Forgive the drab color in the photos.. they were taken with my cell phone.)

The shape and color of this dress was fabulous!

Prom 8

And this one had such an unusual print on it – we both really loved the pink and grey…

Prom 5

Prom 4

I was surprised at how many white/cream dresses there were to choose from… I thought this one was really flattering on her…

Prom 3

Prom 2

At first, I nixed this one bc I thought it was too bridal, but she tried it on for fun. We both really liked how feminine it was…

Prom 7

Prom 6

So there you have it! She only brought one of them home, and we'd love for you to check back in late March to see how she looks. 😉 In the meantime, her friend Mikey had better start saving for his tux!


  • Betty

    Wow, what a beautiful young lady! All the dresses look good on her.
    If she took one of these, I think it’s the blue one.

  • Annie

    With that body, she could wear anything in the store and look beautiful. She could be a fashion model! The deep blue is my favorite, but she’ll look like an angel in whatever she chose.

  • Lee

    She’ll be beautiful in any one of those that she chooses! I always enjoyed prom dress shopping with my daughter.
    Now, the prom dress catalogs are another story. I like to harpoon the more outrageous dresses on my blog.

  • joann tx

    my choice goes to the blue one also! that color and style are just gorgeous on her!
    i like the second white one over the first.

  • Kristen from MA

    Love, love, love the back on that first white one! But Bean will look good no matter which she chose.
    (BTW Paulette, have you heard of this photographer & her project(link below)? How fun would it be if, a few years from now, you recreate some of the pictures you have taken of your girls? Or maybe re-create pictures of Mike or your parents? Since your such a photography buff, I thought you’d enjoy. 🙂

  • Jan

    Hope it is the third one, that she came home with. Not that that sweet girl wouldn’t look lovely in a gunny sack, that particular one looks like it was made for her!

  • karren hubrich

    She will look gorgeous in any of them. I really love that blue one! Can’t wair to see her photo on prom night. Those days are long gone with my daughters. This makes me miss the frustrating shoping days though.

  • Abi

    I love, love, love the last one. She looks great in all of them. I can’t wait to see which one she picked. I had a waist that tiny many, many years ago! LOL.

  • prom suits

    The blue one prom dress i like the most so very elegant looking and very alluring to the eyes of a guy… The blue one is the perfect attire to wear on my prom night, I wish i have one.. anyway I enjoy your prom dress picture thanks for sharing it.

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