Crazy Kids


A while ago, I heard Sabrina singing a song to the radio, and the lyrics left me speechless. Actually, I didn't know whether to cough and sputter and turn off the radio or die laughing. Not having grown up in the 70's, she had no clue why I reacted the way I did. (I actually coughed, sputtered, and then died laughing.)

Here's how the chorus went:

"Call me 'Mr. Flintstone,' cuz I can make your Bed Rock…"

Have you ever…?

Fast-forward to this past weekend, and Sabrina's high school decided to have a dance with a "Bedrock" theme. I'm not sure if that particular song was the school's inspiration, but Sabrina and her friends decided to take a more Flintstonian approach…

4 fb

We had to keep Friday outside so he wouldn't try to steal the bones from their hair'do's…

12 fb

16 fb

Since I clearly couldn't get the girls to let their guards down and pose for me, I told them to pretend they were getting ready to meet their new cave husband…

21 fb

Okay, that wasn't quite the pose I had in mind. So I told them to pretend they were being attacked by a t-rex…

22 fb

(Apparently, Kenzie thinks t-rexes are cute.)

Collin wasn't getting away with standing off the the side, so the girls dragged him into it…

26 fb

The kids told me that the school was strictly enforcing the "No Inappropriate Dancing" rule. So Sabrina and Kenzie demonstrated the appropriate way to dance…

27 fb

This would also be acceptable:

30 fb

31 fb

But this would not:

29 fb


The four friends had a really good time at the dance, but I think I'll request a new theme for the next one: Puritanism in Early America.

32 fb

Nevermind. Something tells me these girls would even have fun in scratchy grey frocks and bonnets.

14 fb


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