His Number is Up.

After several days of gloomy skies, the sun graced us yesterday. Its loveliness was so welcome, I decided to head out to the back yard and enjoy the crunch under my boots and the sparkliness of the snow.

I love it that God gave us evergreens. They're so reliably happy when all other color has faded.

Tp 3

And this guy has kept his color fairly well too…

Tp 1

The sky was a gorgeous blue!

Tp 2

And I wish you could have seen all the glimmer on the snow…

Tp 5

I'm very excited for this mulberry to come back to life. This year, I vow to get to the fruit before the birds do!

Tp 4

As I looked around the winter landscape, imagining birdsong and harpists, I was thankful for ——- wait a sec.

Back up.


Still staring, suddenly speechless.

Tp 6

(If there were any crickets around these frozen parts, they'd be chirping.)

The birdsong stopped, the harpists left my head, and cold reality settled over me.

I crunched my way back inside the house, and this guy chose to stay outside enjoying the day's loveliness.

Tp 7

10 Replies to “His Number is Up.”

  1. Yep, we have some of that kind of snow in our yard also! My thoughts are (1) at least it is outside and not beside my bed(it has been before..but of course it was ALL my fault for not getting my lazy hiney out of bed to let her highness out!) and (2) easier to find and clean up when it is on white snow and frozen then in tall grass and warm! Okay there is your ewwwww comment for the day brought to you by the letter “C”
    Have a good weekend

  2. I can just picture him saying “What, what did I do?” as you are walking into the house! LOL!
    We are happy our snow almost gone! I am guessing it will totally disappear this weekend since it is going to be in the 40’s and 50’s this weekend! Yah!

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