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I started stitching twenty years ago when I found out I was going to have a little girl. I decided I wanted her room to be full of cross-stitched teddy bears, so I pleaded with my mom to pick up her long-forgotten hobby of stitching and help me get some decorating done. She agreed, since it was for her first grandchild, and we headed to the nearest place that sold cross stitch supplies and purchased a book called Priscilla's Precious Bears.

Soon we discovered Treasured Stitches, a cross stitch shop that was within walking distance of my parents' home (and co-owned by Darlene Anderson), and it is there that I discovered Shepherd's Bush patterns: my first true cross stitch love.

Mom and I continued with the teddy bear theme for Breanna's room, and they all turned out quite adorably. But oh, those sweet little sheep, designed by the hands of Tina and Teri Richards… who could resist them? I soon acquired quite a collection of their gorgeous patterns and kits, and even called the shop once, awkwardly asking them if they would please consider designing a "Quilt Gatherer" piece to go with their other 'Gatherers.

That must be one huge piece they're doing for me, bc I haven't seen it released yet.

Soon I became active on the internet, and met my first-ever cyberfriend, Chris. She was also a Shepherds Bush addict, and we exchanged many emails oohing and ahhing over whatever new patterns came out. When Tina and Teri decided to hold their first retreat, I could hardly breathe for wanting to attend. But alas, for one reason or another, I've never been able to.

Excuse me while I have a moment of morosity.

Okay, I'm fine now.

Every year that Shepherd's Bush has had a retreat, Chris has attended. And every year, I've said to her, "One day I'll go too!" My mom, knowing my obsession with SB, visited their shop years ago and had Teri autograph a shop-exclusive kit for me. I think if George Clooney would have walked into the room, I would have said, "Oh, hi, Mr. Clooney! LOOK WHAT MY MOM GOT FOR ME." (And then I would asked him to sit next to me and pretend I didn't know how to stitch so he would put his arms around me and hold the needle and fabric "no, like this," like they do in the movies.)

I cannot believe how chatty I am today.

Since it's entirely too late for long-story-short, I'll continue. Fast-forward to our trip to Park City… when I realized I was going to be within walking distance (66 miles in -3 temps is totally doable), I knew I had to be there. I simply had to go! So while Mike and Marty ski'ed the blacks, I headed to Ogden in our rented Ford Flex. Sabrina and Sophie came with me in case I swooned and needed smelling salts.

Sb tp 1

Btw, that's Nancy on the left. Hi, Nancy!

Sb tp 2

Here's Sophie, rifling through all the stockings… she found it quite amusing that the original name of the stocking I stitched for Sabrina is Sophie's Stocking.

Sb tp 3

Somewhere in this glorious section of the store, you'll find Sabrina…

Sb tp 4

And here she is again, telling me to take a picture of Primitive Needle's Adam and Eve… I love how Tina and Teri convert the color schemes of so many designs to their signature soft palette…

Sb tp 6

I truly wish I could have photographed every nook and cranny of this transformed carriage house. What an experience it is to see something new every time you blink!

Sb tp 5

I am so very happy I was finally, after twenty years, able to visit this loveliest of shops. I was also honored to meet Teri, who was as hospitable and kind as I imagined her to be.

When my girls and I got to our car, Teri came running after us, telling us she forgot to give us something. She then presented each of us with the sweetest little sheep pins, and I found the gesture to be so lovely that I felt happy the rest of the day.

Thank you, Tina and Teri, for sharing with all of us your amazing talent, and for being mindful of the nuances that make each visitor to your shop feel warm and perfectly welcome.

Sb tp


  • Cindy

    I made this same pilgramage when I attended a conference about 100 miles from SB. I experienced the same welcoming that you did and truly loved the shop and the folks there. I still enjoy my memories nearly 10 years later.

  • joann tx

    SB was not my first cross stitch love but maybe my second, tho i probably have equal amounts of each stitched! and i LOVE their older charts! so much that some day maybe i’ll get to the ones i’ve not stitched yet!
    and needlerolls? did someone say needlerolls? i think i’ve almost everyone they put out! 🙂
    i am SO happy for you that you got to visit the shop! maybe you’ll get to that retreat one day?
    thank you for sharing your pics of the shop! now i can say i’ve almost been there myself! 🙂

  • Wendy

    Oh, I made that same trip when I was in Park City a couple of years ago (I stayed at the Marriott Mountainside)! SB is oh so drool-worthy, I agree!
    Normally they always have something baking, too, so not only are you tempted by every.last.goodie on the wall, but then the scent of fresh cookies and…bam… you’ll never want to leave. I very nearly moved in.


    Lucky, lucky you! I would love to visit the shop. It looks so warm and inviting and so many, many things to look at (or drool over)
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story and great pictures.

  • Cari

    Great post Paulette. I feel the same way each and every time I’m in their shop. It’s almost magical isn’t it? Hugs and thanks again for sharing.

  • Leslie

    I envy you! I have always wanted to visit this shop, but alas I have not been out west! I think I could spend hours there. I have stitched 2 of their stockings and a few smaller designs in my 20+ years of stitching. What fun it must have been.

  • Linda Huson

    I’m truly and without a doubt totally jealous! I would love love LOVE to get to this shop one day. I hope they have a soft floor, because they would not get me out – I would just sleep there….
    Linda in VA

  • connie

    I’m so jealous. That fabric wall really got my attention. I think I would have to throw myself against that wall of wonderful fabric. I’ve added another shop to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures and the story of how it all started.

  • Margaret

    Ah, so lucky! And yes, I do think meeting these rock star xs designers is like meeting real celebrities. I’m sure I would be the same way meeting you too! SB looks so nice!!! PS was my first love with xs. Just like SB was for you. I loved the story of Breanna’s room.

  • Lynn in Alabama

    I want everything in that store!!!
    The funny part, for me, is that you swoon and need smelling salts. That is how I would react if I got to meet you and your family. 🙂

  • Mary Kelly

    Oh my! you certainly have been to heaven and back. Wonderful photos – I am sure I would have totally forgotten to take photos if I had been there.
    I taught myself to stitch on SB Winter Hearts.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the postings and photos from your holiday – thanks for sharing.

  • LaDonna

    I am so jealous!!! Would love to visit their shop one day and I too have wanted to go to their retreat for what seems like forever, but like you something always comes up. So glad you were finally able to visit and it was everything you imagined it would be and thanks for sharing your visit with us.

  • Faye Riggsbee

    Maybe in my lifetime I will be able to get there some day….I know your head is still reeling!! The photos are absolutely beautiful….Looks like about every nook and cranny was covered with wonderful~~ Take care, Faye

  • Marion

    WOW! Twenty years ago, I bought a cross-stitch book of Pricilla’s Bears, because I wanted to make something for my baby to be……I didn’t know what I was having, but I wanted to make this child a “big and beautiful” had become my new hobby…..I had a daughter, I made her this cross-stitch, and she still has it (packed away)….and my love for cross-stitch REALLY began after that accomplishment!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shop you visited!!

  • GingerCat

    Thanks for sharing the story. I too want to visit their shop one day, but I have no idea when I will be in that area. I do know that I better have a month’s salary at my disposal when I go as they have soooooo many great things!
    I hope that you are all having fun!

  • Cathryn

    WOW! So totally amazing! Thanks for sharing this. SB is one of my favs too. How great that you were able to go and share it with your daughters. 🙂 Cathryn

  • Tracey

    What an awesome store! Too bad I will probably never be by way of thank you even more for sharing it with us! I love your part about George Clooney- hee hee. The sheep pin is adorable! So glad you finally got to go. 😀

  • Su

    Like you they were and still are my first love I just love their colour palette and like you I keep saying one day I’ll get to the shop, just one day I’ll get to the retreat LOL
    Thankyou so much for sharing your wonderful day with us.

  • Linen Stitcher

    I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw your picture of the Wall ‘O Fabric. I’m pretty sure I’d make a fool of myself if I actually saw it in person. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to visit cross stitch stores, so if I get anywhere close to this store, you can believe I’m going!

  • Kathy

    Paulette…what a dream come true to visit their awesome carriage house shop. You are right, that every nook and cranny is filled with so many amazing things! Now, visiting this incredible shop will be on my wish list too!

  • Debby

    I was finally able to visit Shepherd’s Bush last year while in Salt Lake City for an EGA Regional seminar. Needless to say, my roommate and I came early just so we could go visit SB! The pictures you’ve taken bring all the wonderful memories flooding back and it’s just like I remember. That place is a joy and one of a kind store to visit. Anyone who is ever in the area MUST visit. They are truly wonderful people with a wonderful sanctuary!

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