Contest Winners,  Just Cross Stitch

The Names Drawn Were…

I'm shocked at how many of you didn't have the Just Cross Stitch issues! I would have thought that only a few people would have wanted them! (Don't worry, Breanna, you won't be getting the ornament issues in your stocking after all.)

Will the following people please email me to receive the Halloween issue…

Winner 4

Winner 5

Winner 6

And will the following ladies please email me for the Christmas issue…

Winner 1

Winner 2

Winner 3

I hope each of you enjoy your magazine, and I'm thrilled to be able to have given them to you!

Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas!


  • Robin Hager

    How fun! I’m so glad Anja won an issue. We have a little more to choose from here in the USA and I’m glad to know she will have access to the great designs we get to enjoy! Paulette, you are a very sweet, talented and GENEROUS woman!

  • Anja

    Dear Paulette!
    I´m sooo happy !!! The best christmas present for me, because it is from you !!! Thank you so much.
    You will find my e-mail.
    When I was a student in the 80´s, I was in an exhibition in Hamburg Altona Museum. It was about American Design and American Needlework. I was deep impressed about all I saw there, I felt so near to the men and women, who created all the beautiful work and I fell in love with it.
    This love is up to this days and will never die.
    Love from Anja

  • Ginny

    Congratulations to all the winner! I know you will all enjoy your seasonal magazines with much pleasure and stitching time.

  • Abbey

    Thank you so much! I never win anything, so I am beyond excited about this!
    It is such a pleasure to read your blog, and I look forward to hearing about your family’s holidays this year!
    ps-I just sent you an email.

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