Dear Family…

Don't you just love Christmas? The energizing chill in the air, the church plays, the lights… it's all so beautiful! Festive! Like a month-long celebration that Christ was born!

Isn't it fun how we give gifts to each other? All the thought that goes into it… wonderful! And the stockings! Did I mention the stockings?

Let's talk about those stockings. Each year you all tell me how the stockings are your favorite part. Ah yes, when I was a young lass, that was my favorite part too; one never knew what joys awaited them in that seemingly bottomless sock of wonders. And now that I'm grown, you (my loving family)  have continued to fill that sock. You remind me of the wise men, who gave frankincense and myrrh.

What, you say? They gave more than frankincense and myrrh? Why, how could I have forgotten? Of course! THEY GAVE GOLD! I must have forgotten that part bc it's the one part you, adorable family, leave out of my stocking each year.

Tp 1

Each year I beg – BEG, I say! – for these shiny, gold-wrapped dark chocolate marshmallow Santas from Russell Stover. And each year, after pulling out all the fabulous trinkets and dvds you all get for me in my Sock of Wonders, I feel around in the bottom, waiting to discover the crinkle of my favorite confection's wrapping.

And each year, all I hear is silence. It is then that I know in my heart that Kris Crinkle has forgotten me again; I am cast off to the Island of Misfit Toys.

I love these dark chocolate marshmallow Santas from Russell Stover. I found a box of them in the store yesterday and  bought just one. I ate it immediately.

Tp 2

Do you see the calory label? I don't give a flying reindeer's bottom about that.

Tp 3

I eat them for the protein. Duh.

Tp 4

I would have eaten these milk chocolate ones, but I bought them for the children bc they like them almost as much as I do.

Tp 5

Do you remember those stockings I made for each of us? The ones that were stitched with love and then filled with enough stuff to warrant a second mortgage on the house?

Tp 6

This is what I wish mine looked like:

Tp 8

I love you, dear family. And I love everything about this season… most of all that you're in it. You complete me.

(Gold… how could I have forgotten that part?)

Love, Mom

P.S. Please don't say you thought I already had plenty of marshmallows stuffed down the back of my pants, bc that wouldn't be very wise-mannish of you. After all, I would have no problem filling your stockings with what comes out of flying reindeer bottoms.


  • Lynne Herzberg

    The next time you make it to Kansas City don’t forget to stop at the Russel Stover’s Outlet store.

  • Amy

    LOL Paulette, I wish Ray would read my blog – but I just want him to buy me something without a darn list that I have to make. It’s only our 25th Christmas together….. Good luck to both of us I think! 😉

  • Catherine

    You are too funny!! Great, I’ll be thinking of what comes out of flying reindeer bottoms!
    Hope you get nothing but a stocking full of gold!

  • Cathryn

    Paulette, you are the best. Thanks for such a wonderful laugh! God bless us everyone! and you with your favorite Gold!!! 😀 Cathryn

  • Susan Murphy

    Do you have Trader Joe’s in your part of the country? I just tried their dark chocolate mint covered marshmellows-heaven!

  • Kristen from MA

    Mmmm, I used to love those Russell Stover marshmallows. (They make them for other holidays, too.) Had to give them up since most commercially available marshmallow is made with animal-derived gelatin (I’m vegetarian), but this post let me live vicariously. Thanks for the delicious post! (Hope you get a stocking-full this year!)

  • CarolR

    The dark chocolate Santa marshmallow looks delicious! I love Midnight Milky Ways and cannot get them here in the UK but that’s probably a good thing …

  • CarolG

    I am not a marshmellow fan but I love your comments – I have made 14 Shepherd’s Bush stockings for my kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, husband, etc. But I don’t have a stocking – I fill everyone else’s but no one seems to notice I don’t have one….maybe I’ll make my own and fill it myself. Reese’s little peanut butter cups are gold! Ha! I’m not really feeling sorry for myself – I love, love, love Christmas!

  • Sheryl Hicks

    I have to agree that I’m not a fan of marshmellow either but we have a Russell Stover store here and I might have to stop there tomorrow and check it out. They have frest chocolate dipped strawberries every day. I truely hope someone gets you those chocolate. If not, tell me and I will ship you some.

  • WeimerMom

    Paulette, I had to laugh as I was reading your post. I was grazing on a Rocky Road bar from Annabelle Candies. It’s a cheap imitation of the Russell Stover candy you relish, but still chocolate covered marshmallow. Now you know that the key to these treats is that they are FRESH–especially the marshmallow. The original RR Bar I bought from Safeway was so hard and stale I immediately complained on the Annabelle website and they sent me a package with 8 RR Bars in it. They were so fresh, it fact they had just been manufactured 12 days prior to the date I received them. Heavenly! I guess this is the best way to get really FRESH chocolate covered marshmallow candy…find a really stale one and complain! Live and learn.

  • Lynn

    I love those marshmallow Santas too only here in Canada they’re from Laura Secord. I fill their socks year after year but I’ve yet to have one filled for me!

  • lilicouette

    AH!! living in France doesn’t mean that we have all the avantages! We don’t know anything about those marshmallows :s
    bah tant pis! we still have some kinder chocolate which is just a “tuerie” !!! gros bisous and your sock is really beautiful

  • Jan

    May you receive all of the dark chocolate russell stover marshmallow treats you SO deserve, dear Paulette-y!

  • GingerCat

    Oh, Paulette! We have the same stockings at our house, so I understand the comment about the 2nd mortgage! I do hope that your stocking is filled to the brime with your favorite candy. Have a blessed Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

  • Betty

    Hahaha, what a funny story to read. Thank you for making me laugh!
    I wish you a lot of gold this Christmas! And your stocking is beautiful, I’d love to see a picture of all of them.

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