Got Issues?

I recently received in the mail 3 issues each of the Halloween and Christmas ornament issues of Just Cross Stitch magazine from their very sweet editor. However, I had already purchased my issues when they were first released, so now I have 3 copies of each that I'd love to give away.

I'm sure those of you who wanted the issues have already purchased them, but just in case there are a few of you who haven't, just leave a comment here about which issue you'd like, and I'll draw names from there. If there are only a few of you, perfect! We'll draw the first ones in line. And if there is not a single soul out there who hasn't already gotten the issue they wanted, then I'll give the magazines as Christmas presents to my family. teeheehee.

I hope you like stitching ornaments, honey!

Jcs halloween issue

Jcs ornament issue

Btw, for January 2011's issue of Just Cross Stitch, I had the pleasure of being invited to be one of their featured designers! Woohoo! I designed a little piece called Winter Wind Sampler. I hope you like it!

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  1. Awesome news about the feature designer for the January issue!! Can’t wait to see your contribution, I know it will be the BEST!!
    No need to enter me, as I do have both already, and I love your Halloween and Christmas designs!!

  2. there better be LOTS of people out there who want those magazines… because I want CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!! LOL, jk! Love you, Mom… sooo cool to see your stuff in these πŸ™‚

  3. I would like either issue. Thanks for the chance! Also, thank you for the Adore Him freebie. Will make it as soon as the ornaments I’m stitching for our advent calendar is finished… hopefully before Christmas!

  4. Hi Paulette – I was late ordering my Christmas issue of JCS this year and they were all sold out πŸ™ Would an issue sent all the way from the US of A make it all the way to Scotland before Christmas d’ya think? Love n hugs to you and yours, Ally xxx

  5. Hi, Paulette. I’d be delighted to receive either issue, as I have neither. It’s sweet of you to share your blessings. I still think you should rope Mike into stitching a Christmas ornament. HA!
    I love the photos you took of Sophie. She is growing into such a beauty.
    Rebekka πŸ™‚

  6. My B&N didn’t get any (or perhaps I was too late??) so I don’t have either and would just love to have one. I’ll take the Christmas one but if won’t sneeze at the Halloween one either if that is all that is left. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the offer!!

  7. Don’t have it – I actually picked up to purchase twice at Barnes & Noble, but never made it to the register with it either time.
    Please add my name to the list (Christmas). It would be just wonderful to win a copy.
    Thanks for sharing your issues with us πŸ™‚

  8. When I wanted to buy those issues, I had no chance here. Now, in the next days, I want to write my wishlist for christmas with those magazines. So, if it is not too late to take part, I would be very happy to have a chance to win Christmas or Halloween.
    Today I want to go to a Christmas Middle Ages Market. It is 5 minutes from my home in old monastery ruins. It is great fun every year.
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von Anja

  9. I usually get the Christmas one, but have not yet this year. I would appreciate the chance to win it! Congratulations on your many successes in designing and being published! Terry in Texas

  10. Oh my gosh, it SCARES me to think that I don’t have this Halloween issue!!! I was so FRIGHTFULLY busy during October, I think I forgot to pick one up! Please don’t make me go STARK-RAVING-MAD by not winning this copy. I might just have to learn how to cast EVIL SPELLS on give-away-ers if I don’t win!!! Besides, I just love the designs so much, it’s BEWITCHING to think of going on without it! : )

  11. I was planning on going on a search for the Christmas issue tomorrow. I live in a small rural area, so it’s not easy for me to find. Is it too late to enter for the drawing?

  12. I am looking for an Christmas ornament pattern from the 2008 Christmas Ornament Preview issue. It’s on the cover waaaaay over to the right. Would anyone out there care to share? πŸ™‚

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