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My Breanna went back to Lincoln to start her sophomore year a couple of weeks ago, and while I won't miss the daily queries as to whether I'll be joining her at the gym or not (to "get her fitness on," as she put it), I will miss her joining me in the living room for coffee and stitching. (I got my fitness off quite some time ago.)

Mike loaded into the cars all of the STUFF we packed to move her back into the dorms, and then he did what he could to get her day started off right: he pumped and purchased her tank of gas for her…

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Then we hit the road and arrived in Lincoln a little while later, where Mike unloaded from the cars and hauled up to her room all of the STUFF Breanna and I had packed to get her moved back into the dorms. 🙂

While Mike made his many trips back and forth to the parking lot, we girls got her clothing put away and her bed put together and her decorations put up. See those three bottles on top of the desk? They're Yankee Candle's new Halloween tea lite holders, and Bre loved them so much she decided to display them immediately…

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(The lone popsicle Christmas ornament hanging next to her Abbey Road poster puts a smile on my face. And don't you love the coordinating pillow cases my mom made for her? And that row-by-row quilt was the very first quilt I ever made.)

There's her roomie, Sarah, working hard at getting her desk in order…

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This was the best part of her whole room (teeheehee)…

Unl tp 4

And I'm not sure why she needed this particular coffee cup. I mean, I don't get it. Surely she's joking, right?


Pshaw, of course she is! Whew.

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No, Mike, you can't move in. And somebody please tell him to put his Hook 'em Horns sign down before someone hurts him with a corncob.

Unl tp 6

When I bought this doormat for Bre, it seemed funny at the time. But now, after reading her coffee cup again, I'm not so sure. I'll need to check to see if I still have that receipt…

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We said our goodbyes and I remembered how this time, last year, I got such a horrible lump in my throat I couldn't speak. I also remember Mike telling me that if I needed him to turn the car around so I could go give Bre one more hug, he'd do it. But I managed.

Now I only get lumps in my throat when she shows up on the doorstep with 14 loads of laundry.

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Have a great year, Bre! We love you so much!


  • Margaret

    Hee hee! Yup, no lumps in the throat second time around. I have to say though that I’m going to miss my little girl dreadfully once we take her back to college. Her college starts middle of September so I’ll have her at home for a while yet. Oh, and btw. Breanna has good taste — Beatles all the way! 😀 Love Breanna’s bed!! And decorations in general! Have a great year, Breanna!!!

  • tanya

    WOW … did you just post the ‘off to college’ post? How did a year go by so fast? I am having a hard time dealing with kids growing up … time in a bottle and all that good stuff.
    Hope this year is a wonderful one for her!

  • Catherine

    How time flies! Her room looks great – love her decorations. Love the cup and the mat. Just have Mike call her bright and early on a Sunday morning and say, “Good morning Sunshine!” That’s what my Dad loved to do and it drove me crazy!

  • Robin

    Of course she didn’t actually get the mug and doormat for a reason… she got them because they’re so ironic… as though those two “sayings” would have any meaning in her life. Pshaw! 😉

  • joann tx

    sophmore? already? have another fun filled studious year, brea!!!
    how is it those college beds are so HIGH ????? i’d need myself a step stool just to climb into it! our bolster beds were pretty low to the ground when i was in college! LOL!!
    how is it you and mike seem to look younger and younger your selves? oh! i know! it must be all that starbucks coffee! 🙂

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