Yesterday I went to a lake near my house, looking for a good spot to take Sabrina's portraits. I wanted to find some really beautiful light, so I set out just after I dropped Soph off at school and the sun had been awake for a couple of hours. I got out of my car, headed through some very tall weeds and started looking around. I know I've posted about this before, but it truly amazes me when I see all the beautiful details in heavy wildflowers and weeds.

The morning dew was  sparkling all around me. I had my little purse camera with me,  and I ended up not finding any great portrait sites, but rather some often overlooked (and trampled on) works of the Creator Himself. 🙂

These aren't going to be any gallery-worthy photos (I mean, I did mention the Creator Himself, so I wish they could be!), but they are a little reminder to me of a morning well-spent.

Lake tp 2 

Lake tp 3

I don't know what it is about this odd tree that captured me… there were hundreds of these dried-up "blossoms" hanging down like grape clusters, and they were so beautiful! They reminded me of antique linen…

Lake tp 1

While these weeds are often scoffed at, if you ever get the chance to look at one with dew on it, look as closely as you can… all those tiny beads of water look like twinkling Christmas lights… oh how I wish I'd had my macro lens with me!

Lake tp 4 

Here's another one bedecked in twinkles…

Lake tp 8

Look closely!

Lake tp 9

God even made the bugs their very own Slip-n-Slides… 😉

Lake tp 6 

Lake tp 5

Lake tp 7

I may not have found that perfect spot yet for Sabrina's senior portraits (yet), but at least I got her yearbook photo finished up!

Sabrina 064 edit 2 tp 

(I remember the days my little Sabrina loved her own backyard Slip-n-Slide… sniffle…)

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  1. Paulette, that tree-photo! That are the seeds of that tree. Don’t know the name in english right now. They fly on the wind by that wing-like part of it.
    But as children we used to play with these. We folded them open at the small side and put them on our noses to make a long nose 🙂

  2. You take the most amazing pictures! Sabrina’s Senior picture is great! I agree about the creator’s handiwork, what a wonderful He created for us to enjoy! Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  3. Awesome pics, Paulette! Esp. love the one of the sun shining through the tree with the red berries. LOVE.
    And Sabrina’s senior photo turned out absolutely stunning!!! You did a marvelous job!!!

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