Uncle Mike

There’s something about her Uncle Mike that my niece Natalie just adores. He’s always been very soft-spoken with her, and has a very gentle way about him when it comes to little people.

At the pool, Mike worries what parents think when their children flock to him like he’s some sort of Pied Piper. After all, their children seemingly fall in love with this adult stranger who has no problem behaving as if he’s one of them. They’ll splash him and he’ll splash back, they’ll show him their water toys and he’ll pretend they’re the coolest things he’s ever seen, and eventually they all start to climb onto him, begging for dolphin rides or pretend monster battles… and at that point, the fun must calm down. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of world we live in.

Natalie is no different in her fascination with Mike, except for the fact that this man, who is adored by every child he meets, isn’t just a stranger to her. He’s her uncle. And Sophie was gracious enough to share him with her, just for a moment (but with some possessive apprehension, of course) at my parents’ house during our 4th of July visit…


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She’s back home in Texas now, no doubt charming her Uncle Paul, who is completely besotted with her. Natalie is like that: she’s adored by every grown-up she meets.

Except for when she wants to have real monster battles. 😉

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  1. Every little girl should have an Uncle Mike exactly like that one. And brava to Ms. Sophie Of The Fabulous Press On Nails for sharing her very best buddy with her little cousin.
    You all just rock my freakin’ world.

  2. I think it’s just so sad that we live in a world, where the Uncle Mike’s can’t be as releaxed with all children as he can with your niece. That said, I’d like to give a big cheer to men who never act their age, and the wives that love them anyway. 🙂

  3. Uncle Mike has the magical touch!! I have “my Uncle Mike” too … he is fantastic … of course Iam not a little girl and he is not a big strong man … because the years pass in a blink!! But he is wonderful !! I know well the sentiment of your nice about uncle Mike!!
    She is beautiful!! and her foot is lovely!!

  4. The greatest compliment in the world is to be adored by children. They don’t love people that aren’t deserving! I hope Mike will treasure those moments, and I know little Natalie will. My favorite uncle was like that, and even though he’s gone now, I will never forget those special times we had. She is absolutely precious!

  5. looks like they could be giving each other butterfly kisses! i bet mike’s mustache tickles natalie! what cute pictures! every little girl should have an uncle mike. and isn’t natalie lucky she has one AND an uncle paul!!!!!

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