This year we spent our 4th of July at my parents' house, and my sister, brother in-law, and niece drove up from Dallas to visit as well. We had a fantastic cookout, and after many moons spent in adulthood, I finally made my very first potato salad.

It was a success! (Thanks, Mom, for all the compliments!) However, I'll have to wait and share the recipe the NEXT time I make it, bc I didn't take a photo of it. 🙂

We also had some ribschickencoleslawyadayadayada, but the potato salad… to die for.(teehee)

Okay, if I'm being honest, the ribs and chicken were smoked, and absolutely mouthwatering. Mom makes the best cole slaw in the west, the baked beans were amazing (who knows what she put in those things), the toasted garlic bread was outstanding, and we had the usual array of desserts as well.

And this was the only picture I got with any food in it:

4th tp 1 

Presented by Sophie and her Amazing Press-On Nails. I do believe I've spent more money on the  "Oh Please Mommy I'll Pay You Back I Promise" brand of fake nails than on anything else. "I'm sorry, Breanna and Sabrina, we have no milk bc Sophie needed a box of press-on nails."

After dinner, we went outside for all kinds of fun. 🙂

4th tp 4

4th tp 3 

4th tp 7

4th tp 8

4th tp 9 

4th tp 10

4th tp 2 

(Breanna taught Sophie how to write with smoke bombs, so she wrote her own nickname for Sabrina…)

4th tp 6

(Mike was preparing for a monkey ball match…)

4th tp 13

(And my adorable brother in-law Shaun watched with obvious zeal…)

4th tp 14 

4th tp 11

4th tp 5 

(This is what my dad looks like just before he's about to light a bunch of Black Cat firecrackers and throw them at my mother's feet…)

4th tp 15 

(I believe my sister Audrey ended up being the victim instead…)

4th tp 25

(Sabrina is taking a break to text her non-boyfriend, Matt, while Sophie explains something to Natalie…)

4th tp 16 

4th tp 17 

(Dad got clean-up duty as punishment for his Black Cat shenanigans…)

4th tp 18 

(Some of Breanna's old friends dropped by…)

4th tp 19 

4th tp 12

(And eventually, it grew dark outside…)

4th tp 20 

(Brea switched from bubbles to sparklers…)

4th tp 21

(I think this one was Sabrina…)

4th tp 22 

4th tp 24 

I hope you all had good potato salad a fun 4th like we did! Until next year!

4th tp 23

4 Replies to “Celebration”

  1. can’t wait to see that potato salad recipe! and don’t forget audrey’s roasted veggies…. looks like you all had a fun fourth!
    how did the dogs do with all the fireworks? they drove my two nuts!!!!! one barked his head off all night and the other one shook! sigh….not my favorite time of the year for them! 🙁
    still hot and humid, and from the news its hot and humid over most of the country!!!

  2. I need the potato salad recipe! I love potato salad but I too have never made it before. I’d love to learn how! Sounds like a lovely meal, and you all obviously had a great time too!

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