Happy Independence Day!

I woke up to pouring rain this morning, which must explain why people were shooting off fireworks (which sounded more like bombs) until 1 am… they all knew the rain was coming. I didn't.

My oldest daughter, Breanna (who hasn't updated her blog in a century), tried her hand at designing a freebie for anyone who would like to download it. 🙂 I'm very proud of her efforts, and would love to stitch this myself into a pin pillow or little ornament. And if you're not one who cares for stitching letters, you could always just stitch the flag, and it would be darling!

Here's the link (please don't try to download from the image, bc you won't get what you were expecting):
Download July 4th Free Chart

July 4th by Breanna 

Thank you so much, Breanna! (Btw, she insisted I say that her company name is Blueberry Lane Samplers, which I find quite cute – and strikingly similar to my own company name, btw. ;)  But then she realized she already owns the domain name HodgepodgeHead… so I'm just saying it's designed by Breanna Stewart!)

Have a safe and happy 4th!

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  1. Happy July 4th to you and your family, Paulette! It looks as if your beautiful daughter has inherited some of her mom’s talent! Good for you Breanna! It is adorable! I will definitely stitch this one for next year!

  2. thanks to Brea, no matter what her company’s name is…we’ll find her by her name!
    Happy 4th of July!!!
    hope your rain clears up…our big fireworks will be tonight tho some were out last night driving my dogs insane. hope all your’s were fine???

  3. Breanna, love your flag design. Just printed it off and hope to stitch it quickly. I also love the name Blueberry Lane Samplers! As so many have already said, you’re off to a great start and it is wonderful to see you following in your Mom’s footsteps!

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