Backyard Cup

When Sabrina was in Germany, she became quite the FIFA fan, donning the glorious Deutschland colors and cheering the team on with her German family. Since Mike is also an avid "football" fan, she brought him an official jersey as a souvenir, and included her sisters in the World Cup action as well.

As soon as the jerseys were on their new owners, a transformation took place, and suddenly our back yard became Federation of Fußball's best kept secret…

Soccer tp 1

Soccer tp 2 

When Brea was little and was on a soccer team, she used to spend the entire game doing cartwheels. Therefore, I marvel at her athletic prowess.

Soccer tp 3 

Soccer tp 4

Soccer tp 5

And if this doesn't give you heebie-jeebies goosebumps, you need to pay the doctor a visit…

Soccer tp 8 

(One of Mike's dreams has always been to design the World Cup uniforms.)

Soccer tp 6 

Soccer tp 7

(And Sophie thinks all athletes should make sure their press-on nails are in place before every game.)

Soccer tp 10

Soccer tp 11

Soccer tp 12

Soccer tp 9 

And the crowd goes wild, as the ball is passed to the player-with-no-number, Mike Stewart!

Soccer tp 13 

By the way, when Bean was shopping for an official jersey for her dad, she couldn't seem to find any with the player numbers or names on them, which is what she was searching for. After all, isn't that what we Americans do when we choose our favorite athlete's name and number? Turns out the Europeans find it tacky to wear a professional athlete's team member information on their clothing, which came as quite a surprise to Sabrina – and the rest of us! I can imagine the look on her German sister Julia's face when Sabrina announced that all the jerseys were oddly blank!

Sabrina, you're a sweet girl for bringing back such cool souvenirs for your family. (I got some amazing ones myself – including a set of cookie cutters in the shapes of ampelmann, which I found to be the most unique, fun gift I've ever received!)

Me tp 

Maybe next time you could bring your dad back some cleats or something.

Beans tp 

Welcome home, sweet girl!

9 Replies to “Backyard Cup”

  1. Fun, fun, fun!!!! My DH is a huge soccer fan so our house has been dominated by World Cup viewing, LOL.
    Love the new header, it’s gorgeous. I look forward to the beginning of the month so I can see the new one :-).

  2. I agree with Katrina — your monthly headers are getting to be quite the thing! Fun souvenirs! Didn’t know anything about ampelmann — thanks for the link! Very interesting! Welcome home, Sabrina!

  3. Oh fantastic Trikot!!!! Which wonderful souvenirs.
    On Saturday we hope Germany win the game.
    Welcome Home Sabrina, I hope you liked Germany.

  4. We here in England like to have our favourite players names and numbers on the football shirts we wear too. Sometimes children like have their own name with their favourite players numbers.

  5. I love the new header! Great pics. I had to laugh at Sophie with the press on nails. It reminds me of my daughters, especially my older one. She would be in the middle of a soccer game and too busy checking her nails to watch the ball. LOL I’m glad Sabrina had a good time in Germany!

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