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A Day with Neenee

I realize I just posted photos of my niece yesterday, but I had some more from our day at the pool that I wanted to share with you. She is just so stinking cute, I could eat her up! (And Sophie, if you're reading this, I could eat you up too – you know you're my sweet pea!)

Pool tp 1 

Pool tp 2

Pool tp 3

Neenee loved Sophie's goggles, so Sophie dug around in her bottomless swim bag and pulled out a pair for her…

Pool tp 4 

Suddenly, a whole new world opened up for Natalie, and she was no longer afraid to put her face in the water. She loved the idea of goggles so much, she dug around in Sophie's bag for yet another pair. These weren't such a good fit…

Pool tp 12 

So she dug and donned another pair…

Pool tp 5

…And was very pleased with herself.  But soon it turned into an obsession, and she started scrounging in other children's swim bags for them. Eventually, Mike distracted her long enough to teach her the Hook 'em Horns sign (which will come in handy when she's older, since she is a Texan, after all)…

Pool tp 7

Pool tp 6

Pool tp 8 

Pool tp 9 

Pool tp 10

Pool tp 11

Soon it was time to switch goggles again and head back out to the outdoor pool, where she showed Uncle Mike how she could put her face under water. Uncle Mike was very proud of her, and gave her a high-five…

Pool tp 14 

Meanwhile, my Sophie was swimming by herself, quite content with the one pair of goggles Neenee wasn't allowed to try on. 😉

Pool tp 13 

After all, she had to share her Best Buddy for 2 days…a girl's gotta keep something for herself!


  • LaDonna

    What a cutey she is! Looks like everyone had a great time. Also I may be wrong but looks like a lifetime pool to me! I love my local lifetime – only difference is our slide is outside instead of indoors, which would be my preference.

  • joann in TX

    how many pairs of goggles does sophie have? i guess when you spend lots of time at the pool you need more than one pair!
    each one was more cute on nee nee! i love sophie’s blue ones ~ but then blue is my favorite color! 🙂
    looks like they all had fun at the pool! natalie will have that hook em horns done pat real soon!

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