You know you're bored when you decide to have a thumb war… with yourself. 

On this lazy summer day (heaven help me through many more to come), my Sophie decided to entertain herself by having her thumbs duke it out.

Thumb war tp 7 

Thumb war tp 6 

I was supposed to be working, but I couldn't tear my eyes away. I'm not sure if I was fascinated by what I was witnessing, or worried about the mental health of my youngest child.

Thumb war tp 5 

Thumb war tp 4 

When I found myself wondering which thumb would win, I realized I needed to quickly regain control of my wits.

Thumb war tp 3 

Thumb war tp 2 

I think I stood there and watched for about 6 minutes.

Thumb war tp 1 

That's 6 minutes of my life I will never get back.

8 Replies to “Opposable”

  1. ROTFL Well, you know what they say… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! So we know she’s going to be smart, talented, and a little eccentric! Not a bad combination! *wink*

  2. So funny, grin, now do not worry about her mental health, it’s fine, that is if you consider your hubby’s mental health fine also, grin. BarbM

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