Well, thanks to my good pal Carol Sims giving me permission to do as I please, I've decided not to release the Noah's Ark piece for the St. Charles market. There is absolutely no way I can finish it in time, so rather than stress about it like I have been doing, I've decided to take my time on it and shoot for Nashville. It was either stitch solely on Noah and have nothing else to release, or work on some other ideas I've got and push Noah back a bit farther. 

Once I made the decision, my day brightened up considerably! I assembled the supplies to start a new model and got busy. 🙂

Stitching tp 1 

I know, Mom. I'm sorry if I can't be PERFECTLY organized like you. But I'm also happier than you. teehee.

I've had a great day today, btw! Went to the track and pulled a groin muscle (I've never done that before, so it was a new life experience)(do girls have groin muscles?), went grocery shopping at Target and had no coupons (no room in my purse for them bc of all the old receipts), made a brand new and absolutely delicious Mexican casserole and ate it by myself (no one was home and I didn't feel like figuring out where they all were)(or waiting for them to get home), went to the camera shop and… well, we won't go there… and now I'm sitting here drinking coffee and not hearing any dog noises (which probably means The Yorkie has had another on-purpose on my carpeting and is in hiding).

The Yorkie tp 3
 At least I don't have to work on Noah.

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  1. Ahhh…little cutie yorkie! Couldn’t possibly be bad…..NOT! LOL You take care of yourself however you can and if it means slowing up on Noah…slow up on Noah. Take care and have a wonderful week!!

  2. Hi Paulette
    I think the Yorkie is adorable. I will dog sit anytime.
    I am glad you feeling better after you decided to start a new model. Don’t get stressed not worth it. Pat

  3. Your pic of your yorkie is so adorable I think I may have fallen in love. I hope you take care of yourself. Can’t wait to see what you are working on next.

  4. Can’t wait to see your new designs! Honestly, I am secretly relieved, I can finish PL before Noah comes out ;-).
    It might be time to find a nice older lady that wants two small dogs, LOL.

  5. Good decision Paulette… we don’t want you stressing out over this design.
    Hmmm…. don’t you think you need to be a bit nicer to your mom??? Just asking…. 🙂

  6. My mother always said once a hobby became something you HAD to do instead of somnething you WANTED to do, it wasn’t a hobby anymore. As a designer, I understand this is more than a hobby for you, but I think in this case it applies. Set Noah aside and just chillax!

  7. Oh Lordie!! Is that the cutest little Yorkie, or what????? Sorry… I know he’s also the bane of your existence some days… but my oh my… that face!! It must be the awesome pic. 🙂 Am I correct in suspecting you got some loot at the camera store?? Maybe a lens? Or a filter??

  8. Just think of how long Noah waited for the land to dry, we can all wait on Noah! But I can say I am very excited, I am a Noah collector!!! Enjoy the designing phase.

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