A Day with Sophie

Soph and I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather a few days ago, so after her appointment for a new hair-do (she got a short bob), we headed to Runza and then out to picnic at a nearby lake.

Soph tp1 

My child has a whole arsenal of poses.

We walked around the lake a bit, and came upon a sweet mama and her babies…

Soph tp 3 

(I was using my purse camera, and the ones of the ducks are a bit hazy for some reason. Maybe a bit too much sun bouncing off the water and all the white feathers!)

Soph tp 2 

Suddenly, the mama duck started making little noises at her kids, rounding them up to leave…

Soph tp 4 

Soon we saw why: the Bird Mafia was in town.

Soph tp 5 

Soph tp 6 

It was fascinating how all the other ducks cleared the path when they came through.

At this point, Sophie started pleading with me to vacate the premises, as she and her dad have had a run-in with a goose or two on a past adventure. But I wanted to keep snapping pictures!

Soph tp 8 

And then I decided Sophie was right. So I rounded up my kid and left with the ducks.

Soph tp 9 

After all, I'd rather not end up swimming with the fishes.

Hyuk hyuk.

10 Replies to “A Day with Sophie”

  1. cute hair do!
    the bird mafia! how funny!
    but probably wise to head out of dodge as they
    came up and out of the water!
    looks like you two had a fun, fun, fun day!!!

  2. Oh my… it’s like a standdown between New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline! LOL at the bird mafia.
    Sophie’s too darned cute. Love the haircut and the dimple!

  3. How lucky you are to have three wonderful, funny, silly girls!! Thank you for sharing your day and your life with us. It is the highlight of my week to read your blog. Your wit is a day brightner for sure! Love the new do. Noticed the little bracelets that Sophia had on(bought some yesterday at Walgreens of all places!)Give her a hug from her adoring public..oh..and one for you too!!
    Connie in Omaha

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