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    They’re coming to get you, Barbra…

    Last week I visited Breanna in Lincoln to help pack up some of her belongings, as she'll soon be back home from college. But before we could get started on all the trips up and down the elevator and back and forth to the car, she and I did a little running around. Besides going out to eat and visiting a quilt shop, she took me to a beautiful cemetery she'd explored the week before – and gotten lost in.

    I told her a long time ago that I love visiting cemeteries… they're so peaceful, and I love walking around and reading all of the names and dates. I wish so badly I could walk through a really old cemetery, but we don't have any. (My guess is that Nebraska – as we know it – simply isn't old enough to have really old headstones.)

    Nevertheless, it was a gorgeous day, and I had such a nice time with Bre. When I asked what made her venture into a cemetery by herself, she told me that it reminded her of me, so she stopped to visit. 

    I'm not so sure how to take that.

    Cemetery tp 7 

    This picture doesn't give an indication of just how many headstones there were.. they truly were as far as the eye could see, and I can understand how my Bre got lost. 

    Here was a name I really liked…

    Cemetery tp 3 

    Doesn't that have a great ring to it? Mackey Boone. I love that.

    Breanna liked this one…

    Cemetery tp 4 

    Such a pretty monument… 

    Cemetery tp 2 

    I love how the granite starts to turn green on some of the older ones…

    Cemetery tp 8 

    Cemetery tp 9 

    Here's my girl, seated under a tree on a pretty metal bench we spotted. After she sat down, she noticed the tree was surrounded by flat headstones, and it gave her the creeps. 😉

    Cemetery tp 6 

    This was Breanna's favorite part of the cemetery…

    Cemetery tp 1 

    After about an hour or so, she and I finally decided it was time to hit up a Starbucks and get busy on her dorm room. Besides, I was starting to get a little creeped out myself. After all, you know what they say about there being zombies in cemeteries…

    Cemetery tp 8 

    P.S. This is poor Barbra, from the original Night of the Living Dead movie. I have a feeling she would not have found Breanna's little joke amusing.


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    My Day

    Today I…

    Cleaned my house.

    Finished all the laundry – 6 loads.

    Printed and packaged an order for Hoffman.

    Mailed out a birthday present.

    Wrote some bills.

    Fixed lunch for Mike and I, which we ate outside at the little table on the back porch.

    Weeded some of the landscape.

    Was nice to the Yorkie.

    Stitched on a model.

    Watched an episode of The Office, season 3.

    Spoke on the phone to Breanna, saying "Okay, honey," when she detailed for me everything she'd like me to cook for her upon her return home from college.

    Fed the dogs. The Yorkie too.

    Went grocery shopping.

    Made Sabrina clean her room.

    Spoke to my mother on the phone about what I'd be cooking for Breanna upon her return home from college.

    Took some photos.

    Played soccer with Sophie in the back yard.

    Balanced my checkbook.

    And bought myself some flowers! For the first time! (And definitely not the last.)

    Flowers tp 4 

    Flowers tp 1 

    Flowers tp 3 

    Flowers tp 2 

     It was a very, very good day.

    P.S. I also updated my blog. 🙂

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    My Happy Place

    My computer is about 10 steps from my stitching spot on the couch, which is situated right in front of a large living room window. A few days ago I looked up from whatever I was doing at the computer and noticed how lovely the tree outside was, silhouetted through the window covering.

    Me tp 3 

    It was about 6:00 in the evening, and I loved the soft glow. I was almost tempted to go work on the model that was sitting – all tossed aside – on the arm of the couch! (Yes, that is an orange highlighter on the end table… I definitely need it for this chart.)

    Me tp 2 

    Today we're heading to Kansas to visit K-State with Sabrina. She's going to check out their pre-vet program, and we'll also be tending to some things around my in-laws' house. I'll be taking that model with me, although I'm not sure how much I'll get done on it!

    Before I leave though, here's a picture Sophie took of me with my new hair-do. Or my hair-don't, as my mother would say. I'm not actually that hunched over yet – I was bent down at that moment!

    Me tp 

    Enjoy your weekend!

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    The beauty of spring never ceases to amaze me.

    On a chilly, sunny morning last week, I stepped outside and teased Sabrina about all of the "snow" on the lawn. She was relieved to see that I was referring to the petals that had fallen to the ground, although a snowfall this late in the spring would hardly surprise any of us Nebraskans.

    When I returned home from taking her to school, I decided to take some photos of the grass and the beautiful, fragrant tree in our front yard. (My apologies ahead of time to my husband, Mike, whose photo does not appear in the following lineup.) I loved the contrast of the green and white…

    Tree tp 7

    Yes, I actually got down on the ground and took that photo, hoping with all my heart that none of my neighbors would come outside.

    Then I stood up and decided to take some pictures of the blooms left clustered in the tree, before they lost their grip on their branches, following the others to the ground…

    Tree tp 3 

    There were millions of them!

    I got a little closer…

    Tree tp 2

    And closer…

    Tree tp 4

    Tree tp 6

    And closer still…

    Tree tp 5

    If only there were such a thing as garden faeries!

    I decided to head out back, since that's where the sun shines brightest in the mornings. The lilacs were stunning… and next to lavender, they're my favorite scent…

     Lilacs tp 3

    Lilacs tp 2 

    A visitor…

    Spring tp 1

    Lilacs tp 6

    This was me, collecting the lilacs for the basket in the banner on Four Seasons Cafe

    Lilacs tp 1

    Lilacs tp 5

    I actually loved that top photo, and used it as my desktop background. Sophie thought the flowers looked scary, and didn't like it very well.

    Lilacs tp 7

    Lilacs tp 4

    I stopped to look at my flowering almond, which had finally died. I used to get so mad at our dog Chase, who would chew it down to the ground every fall, and every spring it would grow into the most beautiful shrub. She wasn't here last fall to chew it down, and it didn't come back this year. All that it could muster was this tiny reminder of what used to be…

    Almond tp 1

    I think I'll plant another one of these shrubs this year, bc I really miss all those tiny pink flowers. I wonder if I stuck little hot dog pieces on the branches, would Friday would chew it down for me in the fall?

    Well, I may not have a flowering almond any more, but I do have one thing…

    Tree tp 1 

    My very own garden faerie! ;) 

    Happy May Day!