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They’re coming to get you, Barbra…

Last week I visited Breanna in Lincoln to help pack up some of her belongings, as she'll soon be back home from college. But before we could get started on all the trips up and down the elevator and back and forth to the car, she and I did a little running around. Besides going out to eat and visiting a quilt shop, she took me to a beautiful cemetery she'd explored the week before – and gotten lost in.

I told her a long time ago that I love visiting cemeteries… they're so peaceful, and I love walking around and reading all of the names and dates. I wish so badly I could walk through a really old cemetery, but we don't have any. (My guess is that Nebraska – as we know it – simply isn't old enough to have really old headstones.)

Nevertheless, it was a gorgeous day, and I had such a nice time with Bre. When I asked what made her venture into a cemetery by herself, she told me that it reminded her of me, so she stopped to visit. 

I'm not so sure how to take that.

Cemetery tp 7 

This picture doesn't give an indication of just how many headstones there were.. they truly were as far as the eye could see, and I can understand how my Bre got lost. 

Here was a name I really liked…

Cemetery tp 3 

Doesn't that have a great ring to it? Mackey Boone. I love that.

Breanna liked this one…

Cemetery tp 4 

Such a pretty monument… 

Cemetery tp 2 

I love how the granite starts to turn green on some of the older ones…

Cemetery tp 8 

Cemetery tp 9 

Here's my girl, seated under a tree on a pretty metal bench we spotted. After she sat down, she noticed the tree was surrounded by flat headstones, and it gave her the creeps. 😉

Cemetery tp 6 

This was Breanna's favorite part of the cemetery…

Cemetery tp 1 

After about an hour or so, she and I finally decided it was time to hit up a Starbucks and get busy on her dorm room. Besides, I was starting to get a little creeped out myself. After all, you know what they say about there being zombies in cemeteries…

Cemetery tp 8 

P.S. This is poor Barbra, from the original Night of the Living Dead movie. I have a feeling she would not have found Breanna's little joke amusing.



  • Pam

    You MUST go to Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah GA! I love to visit Savannah and Bonaventure always gets most of one day!!!

  • Carolyn NC

    ROFL – I understand what you mean – not sure how to take that.
    I absolutely love cemeteries (in the daytime, that is). We grew up across the street from our church (historical site now) and yard and played many an hour there. We’d go through and look at all the graves and just get a feel for the history of all of them. My favorite, even though so sad, was a crumbling older one from the 1800’s that had a short, small grave with a lamb curled up in the middle of it. Of course then we’d go climb a tree – can’t have too much somber mood as a kid!

  • Cari

    I love old cemeteries, I love to read the names and see how long people lived (or didn’t) and the special inscriptions on some of the old headstones are very touching. My husband is from Alabama and they have several old cemetaries in his hometown – I love to go for walks and meander along the paths.

  • joanntx

    my sisters apartment is near a church w/a cemetary attached. i know i took pictures from the car…but never got to explore it. i’ll have to look up the pics i took.

  • Deb Ridge

    I just love reading your blog!!
    When I was younger we would walk thru the cemetery and I also loved looking at the headstones.
    Thanks for bringing back those memories.

  • Robin

    You need to come South to see us! We have several beautiful cemeteries here that are very old in Salisbury, NC, Charleston, SC and Savannah, Ga. Most go back to the middle 1700’s. Good designing ideas for you to be sure! I love to go to Charleston and walk through the old church yards and see the beautiful tombstones and statues. Just the surroundings are eerily beautiful anyway. It is my favorite city besides my own!

  • Lili

    How touching that Breanna thought of you when she saw the cemetary. I love your designs with tombstones, indeed.
    I wanted to wish you a happy mother’s day.

  • Barbara

    Well my favorite 2 cemeteries are the Rural Cemetery in Poughkeepsie, NY, even has a fountain in the center of it, grin.
    BUT my very favorite is here in Hendersonville, NC, our cemetery has the angel tomestone from Look Homeward Angel, visitors come from all over the world to view it. Barb in western NC

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