It’s Almost Market Time!

Happy Monday!

I suppose with the spring needlework market fast approaching, I should begin showing you what Room #613 will have to offer!

First I'd like to preview my newest little dachshund design. This one has a summertime theme, and I got my inspiration from one of my favorite things on a summer barbeque menu: beans and weenies. I hope you enjoy my take on it!

Shop 1

Jean Hohulin stitched the model for me, and she had the really fun finishing idea of using denim for the backing fabric of the cushion, and sewing a little pocket on it as well. So I rummaged through some old jeans I had intended to take to the Good Will, and cut out the tiny inside pocket on the front, just inside the main pocket on the right or left. Instead of sewing it, I used fabric glue all around where I would normally stitch it, and it worked beautifully! (I didn't have any denim-heavy needles for my machine, so glue was my choice.) Then I slid a pair of little scissors inside, and it was finished! Thank you, Jean!

Shop 2

If you're interested in ordering this chart (Note: this is a chart only; not a kit), please let your shop owner know. She/he can pick it up from me at market for you, and if they aren't attending market, I'll be shipping out orders after I return. I will be back tomorrow (hopefully) with another preview!

Late to the Party

What on earth is going on with all the clocks in my house? I wake up before the birds and suddenly it's bedtime again, and I have no idea what happened to the day. Is this part of getting older, as my mom tells me?

Wait a sec… did my mom call me old?

For the sake of completion, I feel the need to post my last releases, although they are completely old news by now. So bear with me.

At the Harvest Market, I released 3 new charts and 1 new BYOF/Serial Bowl kit in the new Christmas theme, called A Bowl Full of Merries. The three releases are getting ready to head to distributors this week, so if you haven't been able to order one yet, your shop should be able to get them very soon! But as for Merry One (the first installment in the 'Merries Collection), they were sold out in the first few days (which is thrilling! Thank you all so much!).

Thanksgiving has always been one of my very favorite holidays! But it always seems to get ushered out too quickly, between Halloween and Christmas stitching, which is just so sad! I hope you'll find time this fall season to work on something Pilgrim-or-turkey related, because there really is something special about stitching a fall piece that doesn't necessarily have a black cat on it. (I didn't mean it, Fezziwig.)


Next is Blessings Abound…


Here is Labor for Learning (inspired by schoolgirls and Rhode Island-style samplers)…


And lastly, here is Merry One (sold out)…


I'm working on a few new things for this month as well, so stay tuned! One of them is Sampler Lesson Four, and there will be two more releases also.

Okay, I think I can get a good night's sleep now, since I finally got those charts posted! And if I don't sleep well, and I end up lacking energy, I'm sure Mom will tell me I should be taking Centrum Silver or something.

I'll be back soon with news about the upcoming Sunday Mystery Sampler for 2015!

The Online Market!

Good Sunday morning to you!

I thought I'd let those of you who haven't heard know about the Harvest Market Hop, which will begin on September 10! This "market" was the idea of the girls at Shepherd's Bush, in an effort to fill a void in the industry when no physical trade show for autumn was available to shop owners.


Keep in mind that this is not like the Online Needlework Show, in that it is only visible to shops who register. This gives shop owners the opportunity to bring the market to you, just as they would if they were able to physically attend!

I'll have four new releases for this market, and I'm very excited to show them to you. Here is one of the sneak peeks I showed on Facebook..


I hope if your shop hasn't heard about the show, you'll let them know!

The day is very drizzly and cool outside, so I've got a couple of candles burning, and I'm going to contemplate what I'll be baking today. It's Sunday Morning Baking time, and the weather is perfect for it.

I'll see you soon!

Nashville Market – Part 3

Welcome back! Here are the last set of photos from this year's market, hosted by Yarn Tree and Needlework Retailer. They did such a wonderful job, right down to all the fine details, and I can't thank them enough for everything! I hope they continue to host more markets for all of us – just as soon as they recover from this one, that is. 🙂




















I hope you enjoyed looking through the market photos.. again, if there is anything you'd like to have stitched for your home, simply contact your shop owner and let them know what it is you'd like! They most likely already have it in their shop, with your name on it. If you're not sure what the name of a chart is called that you see here, you can give your shop owner the address of this blog and the number of the photograph (hover your mouse over the image and it will reveal its magic number to you), and they should be able to do the rest.

Have you hugged your shop owner today? 😉

Nashville Market – Part 2

Okay, let's go visit some more rooms, shall we?










Kathy Barrick brought along some of her beautiful jewelry…












The last of the photos will be up tomorrow! I hope you'll stop back by!


Nashville Market – Part 1

What a fabulous market it was!! I always have so much fun reuniting with good friends, going out to fun restaurants in big groups (there were 20 of us one night!), chatting with all of the shop owners, and getting to see all of the new designs (and some of the previously-released ones) everyone has worked so hard to get released in time for the big weekend! I stepped out a few times and snapped some pictures of some of the models and the cute decorations. If you see a design you like, please contact your shop owner and ask them about it, because chances are, they will know exactly what it is and how to get it into your hands!























This picture is for you, Niky!







I think we'll stop there for today! Come back tomorrow, and I'll have Part 2 posted!

Chocolate Harts

Coming to market!

Ch tp

For Shop Owners: I'll be putting together a list of my market release information soon, so if you'd like to be included in this email, please let me know!

Pictured above: Lone Elm Lane's 8" round Dark Chocolate box, also available at market in Room #611.


Oh my, the countdown to the Nashville market is on, and I barely feel ready!

This market is a special one to me because I'll be releasing my very first Bring-Your-Own-Fabric kit. I've always loved kits because they take the challenge out of pulling everything together, and they're easy to grab-and-start when I need something new to work on. And while I've always toyed with the idea of releasing a kit myself, I've held back because of the simple fact that not everyone may like the same linen color or count I choose to work on.

So I lamented a bit about it to my good friend Pat, and she suggested this: "Why don't you just do the chart and threads?" And I thought, "Of course! The chart, the threads, and the finishing trim!" And that's how my very first B.Y.O.F. kit came into my imagination.

Tp 2

As a stitcher, one of the things that I find so appealing is a bowl full of pin cushions or other "smalls" that I stumble across online (or better yet, in person!). I suddenly get this extreme urge to hunt down every design I see represented in that bowl so that I can have one of my own collections – Patriotic cushions, Christmas cushions, Halloween cushions – I want them all! (Isn't that one of the best parts of this wonderful hobby of ours – to find something that makes our hearts sing? Or all-out bellow, like mine does?)

With that in mind, I've decided to release a series of small designs, in various themes, to satisfy that part of me that needs to just put stuff in bowls. Which brings me back to my first-ever chart-and-threads-and-trim kit, which will release at market.

I'm calling this endeavor the Serial Bowl Collection. There will be different themes in this collection in the coming months, but the first theme is going to be titled Sampler Lessons, which are designs bearing some of the honest and valuable teachings that young girls stitched onto their samplers long ago.

The photo above shows the luscious threads from Classic Colorworks that will be carded up and included in the chart pack, and below you'll see a peek at the finished design.


Also included in this pack will be the chenille trim from R&R Reproductions for the finished cushion. As for fabric, I've got listed on the chart what the model uses, but of course you can go smaller, bigger, brighter, or more neutral, if you'd like. There are so many beautiful fabrics that your shop owner can get for you, so pull out the thread card and do a few floss-tosses onto different colors of fabric to see what suits your eye the best.

Remember, our stitching is for our fancy, so whatever you find beautiful will go beautifully in your home. Don't worry about  "what looks right."  If it is lovely to you, it will make you happy to stitch it!

I hope you like my first go at this… I will be bringing a limited number of these packs to market, but I haven't decided yet if, after market, I'll continue them in their packaged form or if I'll go forward with just the chart. Since I've never done this before, I have no idea what to expect, so I really don't know what my plan is after this first run.

Please let your shop owner know if you are interested in one of these packs, and hopefully she or he will find me at market! It's going to be an exciting one!

Market Off My List

Okay, so I don't exactly have a list to mark anything off of; perhaps if I did, I'd have posted these market pictures ages ago! Although they're not exactly new releases any more (most of them were released in August) maybe you'll find one or a few that are new to you… (And get a head start on next fall's stitching!)

Tp 1

Tp 1-2

Tp 1-3

Tp 1-4

Tp 1-6

Tp 1-7

Tp 1-8

Tp 1-10

Tp 1-11

Tp 1-12

Tp 1-13

Tp 1-14

Tp 1-15

Tp 1-17

Tp 1-18

Tp 1-20

Tp 1-21

Tp 1-22

Tp 1-23

Tp 1-24

Tp 1-25

Tp 1-26

Tp 1-27

Tp 1-28

Tp 1-29

Tp 1-30

Tp 1-31

Tp 1-32

Tp 1-33

Tp 1-34

Tp 1-35

Tp 1-36

Tp 1-37

Tp 1-39

Tp 1-40

Tp 1-41

Tp 1-42

Tp 1-43

Tp 1-44

Tp 1-45

Tp 1-46

Tp 1-47

Tp 1-48

Tp 1-49

Tp 1-50

Tp 1-51

Tp 1-52

Tp 1-53

Tp 1-54

Tp 1-55

Tp 1-56

Tp 1-57

Tp 1-58

I regret that I couldn't make it to all of the rooms to get pictures of everyone's things – there was so much to see! – but I hope you've enjoyed this small glimpse into how market went in St. Charles this year. I am so excited for the new Nashville market in February of next year! I think it's going to be so much fun, and I can hardly wait for the buzz of it to begin!