Late to the Party

What on earth is going on with all the clocks in my house? I wake up before the birds and suddenly it's bedtime again, and I have no idea what happened to the day. Is this part of getting older, as my mom tells me?

Wait a sec… did my mom call me old?

For the sake of completion, I feel the need to post my last releases, although they are completely old news by now. So bear with me.

At the Harvest Market, I released 3 new charts and 1 new BYOF/Serial Bowl kit in the new Christmas theme, called A Bowl Full of Merries. The three releases are getting ready to head to distributors this week, so if you haven't been able to order one yet, your shop should be able to get them very soon! But as for Merry One (the first installment in the 'Merries Collection), they were sold out in the first few days (which is thrilling! Thank you all so much!).

Thanksgiving has always been one of my very favorite holidays! But it always seems to get ushered out too quickly, between Halloween and Christmas stitching, which is just so sad! I hope you'll find time this fall season to work on something Pilgrim-or-turkey related, because there really is something special about stitching a fall piece that doesn't necessarily have a black cat on it. (I didn't mean it, Fezziwig.)


Next is Blessings Abound…


Here is Labor for Learning (inspired by schoolgirls and Rhode Island-style samplers)…


And lastly, here is Merry One (sold out)…


I'm working on a few new things for this month as well, so stay tuned! One of them is Sampler Lesson Four, and there will be two more releases also.

Okay, I think I can get a good night's sleep now, since I finally got those charts posted! And if I don't sleep well, and I end up lacking energy, I'm sure Mom will tell me I should be taking Centrum Silver or something.

I'll be back soon with news about the upcoming Sunday Mystery Sampler for 2015!


  • Kristen from MA

    Oh Paulette! That Bounty Sampler: you have outdone yourself! That tree is a marvel. I can’t wait to get my hands on this chart! <3

  • Annie Miller

    Love them all Paulette…we SOLD OUT on the Merry Ones kit too. The kits series is fabulous and all my customers love them. Keep getting more and more sign ups on my auto ship as you proabably know as I keep increasing my order each time with you. can’t wait to see this months goodies and more about your Sunday Mystery Sampler.

  • Leslie Rupp

    Very very nice, I really like Blessing Abound and Merry One. I am into smaller pieces right now. Where did you get the wooden bowl that I see in many of your photos? I have been looking for one for months that does not cost a fortune.

  • Carolyn

    I wasn’t quick enough to get my stitchy hands on Merry Ones – so sad! Looking forward to details on the Sunday Mystery Sampler.

  • Tammy (West Liberty, OH)

    Paulette, sadly to say age brings in the years passing by too quickly! Good news is, we are hopefully getting wiser😉 Looking forward to your SAL coming up Sunday and do cherish your last SAL “Mary’s Sampler”. You truly inspire me with all of your designs!! Keep up the great work and Thanksgiving is a favorite of mine remembering to give thanks to the one who has created us all😊 God Bless

  • Jill F

    I would love to stitch Labor for Learning for my daughter’s grad school graduation in December, but just can’t stitch it fast enough! Maybe for her birthday in March!

  • Donna Bowers

    Cannot wait for your Sunday Sampler. Loved Mary’s Sampler!! It was such fun to check in every Sunday to see what you had for us. Thank you so much Paulette.

  • Shelby Biggs

    Would love for you to release Merry One as a chart only…and I think many more agree…sadly, I missed it and would dearly love to stitch it…and thanks so much for the 12 days…they are awesome designs…

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