It’s Almost Market Time!

Happy Monday!

I suppose with the spring needlework market fast approaching, I should begin showing you what Room #613 will have to offer!

First I'd like to preview my newest little dachshund design. This one has a summertime theme, and I got my inspiration from one of my favorite things on a summer barbeque menu: beans and weenies. I hope you enjoy my take on it!

Shop 1

Jean Hohulin stitched the model for me, and she had the really fun finishing idea of using denim for the backing fabric of the cushion, and sewing a little pocket on it as well. So I rummaged through some old jeans I had intended to take to the Good Will, and cut out the tiny inside pocket on the front, just inside the main pocket on the right or left. Instead of sewing it, I used fabric glue all around where I would normally stitch it, and it worked beautifully! (I didn't have any denim-heavy needles for my machine, so glue was my choice.) Then I slid a pair of little scissors inside, and it was finished! Thank you, Jean!

Shop 2

If you're interested in ordering this chart (Note: this is a chart only; not a kit), please let your shop owner know. She/he can pick it up from me at market for you, and if they aren't attending market, I'll be shipping out orders after I return. I will be back tomorrow (hopefully) with another preview!

13 Replies to “It’s Almost Market Time!”

  1. Oh, how I’ve missed your sweet posts, Paula!! I must check at least every other day. Heehee. 🤓 I knew your creative genius was at work!! But, you have been in my prayers just in case life has been bumpy too. Love your new Dauchsie creation!! I have a wire hair dauchsund named Maggie so of course this is a must do! 💕

  2. Paulette, so sorry to mis-write your name!! Arrrgh😁 , My only excuse is my headache medicine or aging brain for writing “Paula”. I love your name, Paulette!!

  3. I, too, Paulette, as I saw in another post, was wondering if you and your mom exchanged samplers last Christmas? I always look forward to seeing what the two of you have done. They are always beautiful. Also, I wish your mom was still posting. I used to enjoy reading her posts too.

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