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I love that I still have one last teenager left at home. Not because she's the last one, but because she's just so teenager. My girls have always filled my heart with joy, and I'm so very, very, very, very, very thankful to God that He blessed me with them. As most of you know, my older two have grown and left home to build their own lives (they practically grew up on this blog!), but my Joonbug is still home, still making me laugh, making me cry, making me pull my hair out, and making me a very happy mom.



Marty doesn't usually embrace the camera, but on this day, she bullied her way in for some attention…


Sophie will be headed off to college in just over a year, and I'm not quite sure what I'll fill my days with when she's gone. I mean, how does one simply fill the void left by a sudden absence of all those stray gum wrappers on the counter, the cozy hugs at any given time, hilarious Shakira impressions on car rides, too many visits to Sephora, empty peach smoothie cups left in all the wrong places, and the charming way she says "Mom?" when I know full well that that particular tone can only mean she's about to ask me a question that I will answer with a "No." And how many more times will I have to get to wash mascara stains out of the shoulders of my shirts because she needed to cry?

I do love this teenager, and the gift that she is.




  • Debby

    Sofie gets prettier every year! You do have the sweetest girls and will be proud of who they are as adults, while you’re ” empty nesting”.
    I don’t know if it’s possible, but maybe you’ll be more prolific with your designing!

  • LaNelle

    Beautiful young woman….one you have raised with grace and wisdom she will do well as will you although challenging at first with the empty nest blessings to you in the days ahead….

  • Pam Hoerner

    You have been so blessed! Your girls are beautiful inside and out! Sophie just amazes me! She was such a cutie and now has grown into a beautiful woman! Yes, I can see where you will have some heavy tugs at your heart when she leaves the nest but you will then share in that journey also! Girls always “need” their Mom and being needed is a good feeling!
    Thanks for sharing your family! I have read your blog for years and never tire of the love you share.
    Enjoy every minute of your special time with Sophie! She is a treasure! ❤

  • Penny Houser

    Love this post, made me get all teary eyed. Your girls are all so beautiful, just like you. I have enjoyed it so, seeing your girls grow up on this blog. Love reading your family stories and am so happy you’re blogging again. I know you stay busy, but it is a joy to read. Martha is a cutie too!!!

  • Marilyn

    All of your girls are so pretty.
    When Sophie is gone to college, you will have more time to design more goodies for us! 🙂

  • Shelly

    Like Marilyn said, will it mean more samplers?! Lol. Sophie has grown into a very pretty almost adult. It’s true what they say about flown the coop children, they’ll still need their mamas. My 22 year old daughter texts me with the hard decisions. She lives in a neighboring town. Martha is so cute!

  • Melissa Gilley

    I hope you continue the tradition you started by continuing the “O Holy Night” series of freebie ornaments with your 2017 offering. Sorry that this is probably the wrong place to post, but I can’t find a contact link on your blog.
    I have cats, not children, but yours seem to be doing fine.

  • tanya

    Oh this time moving too fast thing, hate it. Bittersweet but I’m such a sap. Ben is a senior, 17 and just too big and old. Zack is 10 and I feel like if I blink anymore he’ll be big and old too. Oy.
    Hope you are well.
    Tanya xx

  • Sheryl

    oh say it isn’t so that Sophie is old enough to go to college already, I miss all three of your girls being on your blog, they grow up too fast. I had a very difficult time being an empty nester when my twins when to college then moved to NY but I guess that is a part of getting older, I hate it. Keep on blogging, love to read it and see your pictures.

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