I love having all four seasons here in the heartland – icy weather included. It just means I'll be lighting candles (okay, I admit, I do that even on 100-degree-and-sunny days), deep-cleaning the house, and baking and souping and loving the day.

A couple of days ago, however, I paused all that and headed outside to slip-and-slide my way across the back porch and out into the yard. I am by no means a great gardener, but I have a few areas of my yard that I'm in love with when they're awake and fully dressed in their greens as well as when they're bare and sleeping away the winter…

The branches of my lilac tree, which is about 10 feet tall now…


One of the birdhouses affixed to the fence…


(By the way, here is the bird house next to it… I ran across this photo yesterday; I had forgotten I had taken it last spring, and it made me look forward to March and April, just before everything wakes up. The little tuft you see in the opening is not, in fact, a bird nest, but rather a mouse nest, as I discovered when cutting back the foliage.)

Spring tp

And lastly, the Black-Eyed Susans (which I repeatedly and mistakenly call Brown-Eyed Susans – there is a difference!) that are so full and vibrant in the summer… who knew they could also be so quiet and beautiful?


We're no longer iced in, but I may need to bake and soup a bit longer, as my girl is home today with a fever. I'm sure she is wishing for a different season to get here already, as she is not as much of a fan of the winter as her mother is!

Thank you so much for stopping by… it's been so much fun "visiting" with you all this week, and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading every comment you've left for me!


  • Betty

    Each season is special in its own way and I have learned to embrace each season. Nothing says warmth in winter like a simmering pot of soup and warm sandwich. Hot Sophie feels better

  • Gwen Schooley

    Thanks Paulette! I just love reading your blog. It’s such a gift- cross stitch, nature, family, fun! You inspire me to look at things in a different way, thank-you!

  • Robin in Virginia

    Paulette, I love your ice pictures. I love fall and winter. Ice is beautiful to look at, but treacherous if you have to be out and about in it. Hope Sophie is feeling better!

  • Sue

    I love winter also! It’s so nice to see the structure of the trees, bushes, and vines. Bright red cardinals show up nicely on the gray backdrop too!

  • Littlebit

    I love winter, and I say that freely because I do not “have” to go out in it! As much as I would love to be covered in snow right now, I can hardly wait to go scrounging around seeing what wakes up after winters nap. You know, besides the stupid elderberry bugs that never went to sleep to begin with. LLLY

  • Anja

    Hello from Germany, dear Paulette!
    Oh, yes, I love January, my birthday month, like it is yours. It is a wonderful feeling to sit near the fire, a cat on the side, knitting socks or stitching a winter project. January and February are only for winter projects with some snow on it.
    I love reading your blog.
    Bis bald und liebe Grüße von Anja

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