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Forget Me Not

Antique samplers are so soft and curious, and I love nothing more than to look over every inch of them, wondering what the young stitchers lives were like when they created them.  I've acquired several of these samplers in the past few years, but sadly, once I've marveled over their details and beauty, I put them away in their acid-free paper and all but forget that I have them. So when I ran across some pictures I took of this one in my photo library, I didn't really recongize it. Isn't that just a crying shame?


I am drawn to a sampler first by its verse – much more so than the motifs it offers… I tend to want a great verse to come live with me because its wisdom is such a treasure, and I don't want to simply read the words; I want to keep them! (Something I grew up learning regarding Scripture, and something I'm grateful to my parents for.)

I suppose I'll go hunt down where I've stored this sampler now, so I can read the verse again.

If you'd care to leave a comment (I know filling out the fields is an inconvenience!), I would really love to hear what your favorite thing is about samplers – antique or modern. What draws you in?

Thank you so much for stopping by… I'll see you soon!


  • Nataly

    I am drawn to these samplers because of their age. We live in a throw away society, something is broken we get rid of it and buy new. For these samplers, they were treasured and cherished and stood the test of time. That really resonated with me.

  • Robin in Virginia

    Age of the stitcher, the motifs stitched, sometimes the verse, and any history behind the piece that might be included.

  • Pam Hoerner

    Oh, Paulette, I too love the verse but have also been so drawn to Adam and Eve samplers. I do love the versatile borders I see in many antiques. This one looks like a treasure!

  • Mona

    Love the words…after reading my imagination takes over. Thoughts of where they lived, their age, their family….their story.

  • Terri

    I love the verses as well, especially the ones on samplers stitched by very young girls. For those that are obviously not scripture, or pithy, I wonder if they are something that popped in their head and they had to needle and thread them, or if it is something their mother repeated to them often as a lesson (or a threat, LOL).

  • Joann McCormick

    Seeing this pretty sampler. Reminded. Me to ask, did you and your mom exchange Christmas samplers this year? Did I miss the post? I always like to see what each stitches for the other! πŸ˜‰

  • Nancy Watkins

    I enjoy reading your blog Paulette! What draws me to a sampler is mostly motifs and color. I, too, was wondering if you and your mother did the exchange this year.

  • Mona Hudson

    I love everything about samplers but mostly who it was stitched by and the year. I only have one old sampler stitched in the 1880’s by Mary Penn in England. It was her first year at a school. I often wonder how long she lived and if she had a good life.

  • Shelly

    Borders, the colors of the entire thing, and the verse and whether it is something that I believe in or is pertinent to what is going on my life. Less specialty stitches! I’m stitching on Jack’s Bash and the satin and tent stitches are going very well!

  • Clare

    I look at the verse too. I miss getting Sampler and Antique Needlework magazine as I enjoyed the history plus the patterns of samplers and small projects. Also the threads and stitches used. I am still stitching a four part project. πŸ™‚ Happy Stitching.

  • GingerCat

    Antique Samplers – I love that they are a connection to our past. I marvel that such a young lady could manage to stitch as well as they do with such tiny stitches. And I love that they last! Someone made the comment about the fact that we are in a throw-away society and these persevere!
    Modern Samplers – I love the creativity, the colors, the “fun” that is part of the motifs. And I love that we are carrying on the tradition, modern or no!

  • Patti Gagliardi

    I’m drawn immediately by motif and soft faded color. Then I can’t wait to look at all the details particularly the verse. I don’t own an antique sampler yet, but keep searching for one I love and can afford…
    Blessings, Patti

  • Lisa

    The verses on samplers “speak” to me as well. I try to imagine what the life was like of the young lady that stitched the piece. I wonder if their hours spent stitching brought them the calm, peace and friendships that it provides stitchers today.

  • Shari Witt

    I love thinking about the Stitcher…what she was like, what made her happy, what were her treasures and dreams? Then I like to think about the future of my own stitching…wanting to make my world and surroundings more beautiful. Enjoying the peaceful hours stitching…leaving my stitching as my little legacy for the ones I love.

  • Rowyn

    Like you, I am drawn to the verses on a sampler.
    I have a small antique sampler which has a beautiful verse about motherhood, which more than makes up for it’s lack of beauty in the visual department.
    Even with modern samplers the ones with emotive verses are the ones that call to me.

  • Pam Schmidt

    I love the picture of the sampler you posted. I love the border. I actually have two samplers that have that border. I am wondering if you can share the information and a picture of your sampler. I have found pictures of two more samplers that have the border. Wondering if they are connected?Hope you can help . Thanks so very much. Pam

  • Rita Ogden

    My wanting only one antique sampler has led me to, well, more!! I am drawn to the name, date, and verse. Sometimes the simplicity of the work. I’m attracted to all Hannah’s, as that is my daughters name. One is entitled “A Minute”. I love reading this one! Thinking that this is probably the only footprint left by these little girls (or boys), I cherish each and every one!!!

  • Leanne

    I am always taken back to that earlier time, and imagine myself living in such a lovely time. It, of course, may have been a very difficult period, but in my mind it was a wonderful time to be stitching a sampler. I have purchased one sampler from 1807. It is lovely, yet stitched by a young girl. I very often wonder what her family and life were like……well over two hundred years ago. Then, I thank God for the life, family, and country He has given me. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’™

  • Laura Busby

    I am first drawn by the verse, and then by the alphabet and other things on the sampler that indicate how much this was a part of a girl’s education. Reminds me that the three R’s are important, but the vehicle for learning them can be oh, so glorious. I am a big fan of the arts in school, especially when a wise teacher points out how they inter-relate to reading, writing, and math!

  • Lisa Keicher

    Looking at these beautiful samplers make me think of a simpler time/lifestyle and long for it!! My kids laugh at me and say I could be Amish….but it’s true. I am so drawn to simpicity…less clutter….less screens….quiet….stitching in your own little world. Living in the moment…..thanks for sharing. Just an idea….take one of your samplers and place it under a piece of thick table top glass on your desk/craft table so you can see it while you create and switch it out every few weeks with other samplers and /or one of your own beautiful designs. God Bless! Lisa

  • vivian

    If I see a verse on a sampler, I am immediately drawn to it. Then I look at the sampler for eye candy, who and where it was stitched, color, motifs, border, size….
    I love this sampler you are showing, I hope you solve the mystery, I would love to know.

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