Beautiful Sunday

What a lovely day it's been so far. After church, we headed to a favorite little restaurant for chicken crepes benedict, and then home to walk Miss Martha. The sun doesn't want to make up its mind about whether or not to shine, but regardless, I love good-mood-days like today.

Here is Martha, always by her favorite window…

Tp 3

And here is sweet little Kamaji (or Maji, as we call him), who is usually very hard to get a picture of! Maji is Sabrina's little baby, and I don't think I've ever met a cat that loves dogs as much as this little boy. He and Martha are the best of friends.

Tp 2

One of these days, I may actually get a picture of them together!

Back to my Sunday.. I hope you're enjoying yours as well. I'm off to stitch!

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  1. Dear Paulette,
    I really appreciate the fact that you have stayed with your blog. I am “old school” and don’t participate in the “instagram” “facebook” movement but love to read about you, your family, Martha (especially) and your new designs. I LOVE when your new posts come out. Please don’t give up your blog. It is beautifully done and so enjoyed.
    Question?? In your third Nashville posting, who is the designer of the “With Liberty and Justice for All”? Jut love it?

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