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Nasvhille Market, Part 3

And here are the rest of the market pics! If you see something you would love to stitch for yourself, please contact your shop owner, and she/he will be very happy to help you! 🙂








The next reproduction was fascinating to me.. the colors were so vibrant, compared to the original, which is pictured just below it. It's called "Sisters," reproduced by Cherished Stitches, and the initials are so funny to me!


















And last, but not least, one of Sophie's favorites, by La D Da… I don't know if it's brand new, but she fell in love with it!


Thank you again for stopping by my blog to take a look. There are so few blog visitors these days, it seems, because everything has moved to the insta-age – which is another reason I'm not on here as often as I used to be! But when I do take the time to post the photos I take, I always leave feeling satisfied that I was able to enjoy again the moment in which I took the picture in the first place.

It's not a fast process, but it is much cozier. So thank you for slowing down to visit, even as the rest of the world flies by.

I hope to "see" you soon!


  • Robin in Virginia

    Thanks for the photo walk from Nashville, Paulette! I’m still here reading your blog as well. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Terri

    Great pics, Paulette! I think it’s interesting that Sophie loved such a traditional sampler! My intermittent blogging has far fewer visitors than in past years, too. That’s okay… I really like that it’s a kind of life, as well as a stitching journal, in a way that Instagram and FB cannot be. Always love your posts!

  • Kd Brown

    Paulette, do you happen to remember the designer of IMG_6348 in your post “Nashville Market 2016 – Part 1”? It is the 5th pic up from the bottom and it looks like it says “Christmas Card” behind the glass dome. It has the initials BKA. Thank you, Kd.

  • Shelly

    Sophie has good taste! I like the sampler as well. I don’t do Instagram so I’m just glad you still post on your blog. Please don’t forget about us hold outs! Love your pictures, especially at Market time.

  • Valérie

    Please do not give up your blog; FB and Instagram are not half as enjoyable. Thank you for the beautiful pictures, always an an enjoyable sight
    You are so talented.

  • Betty

    Beautiful photos–thank you for taking your time to share. So many great designs/designers at the Nashville needlework market

  • ann

    Thanks so much for the photo tour–and let me add, I much prefer blogs to FB or Instagram–and I always enjoy your entries.

  • Marian

    Hi Paulette, I love reading your blog, and looking at the lovely pictures, wishing for a job so i can buy one to stitch.

  • Cathryn

    Paulette you are sincerely missed in the blog world. I have been thinking of you and wondering what pieces you and your mother exchanged this year at Christmas. I always enjoyed seeing that post. Thank you so much for your generous time and posting these Nashville Market pictures as I can never even hope to visit there. They all are so very amazing. It makes me wish that my needle was as fast as my wish to stitch the pieces I see. By the way there are quite a few PSS charts on my wish list. Thank you again for everything. 🙂 Cathryn

  • Anna

    I read blogs on my phone now, and I find it more onerous to comment but I should more often, so you know you and your posts are appreciated!

  • Maggee

    Thanks for sharing all the Market photos! I look forward to your blogposts… Been reading them for a very long time, from when the girls were much younger!! (cannot believe how grown they are!!) Felt like being invited right into your family gatherings! I have not posted as many times on my blog as I used to, but I am not going to stop. It IS a record of my stitching–have no other! Hugs!

  • Sara Hopwood

    I prefer blogs. So much more of a stitcher’s personality comes through on a blog. Facebook and Instagram are like walking by someone’s house; reading a fellow stitcher’s blog is like sitting down in his/her living room. Instant isn’t always better. :O)
    I’ve been meaning to thank you for offering your Twelve Days of Christmas sampler. What a generous gift! I have two blocks left to stitch and have thoroughly enjoyed working on it. Thank you!

  • Susan

    I check out your blog almost daily to see if you post. I appreciate your posts and love all of your beautiful needlework. Also enjoy hearing about your girls and your cute pooch. Thank you.

  • Susan

    I too check your blog daily and have missed more frequent postings. I love seeing the exchange between you and your mother as well

  • Debbie Glaeser

    Hi, Can you tell me the name of the 6th designer down I just can’t figure it out. Love the Welcome Liberty and Nantucket a must. Thank you Debbie P.S. I always check your blog look forward to hearing what’s new. Your daughters are beautiful and Sophie is quite grown up happens sooo fast!

  • Sue H

    Thanks for sharing your Nashville Market posts with us. So inspiring & beautiful. Glad your daughter is on the mend. Happy Spring!

  • Carlene Sidel

    I love your blog and check often to see if you have posted anything. The review of the show was really good and nice of you to take the time to post the pictures. Faster may be the word for many, but it is not mine. Life is short so slow down and enjoy every minute you can.

  • Jan R Bell

    There are still some of us tortoises around who like to take time to savor the good things in life…like your blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to share!

  • Connie

    I love your blog!! It is so fun to see the wonderful pictures you take. I loved the posts about the market. Please don’t stop blogging. I check almost everyday and would be sad if you stopped. I am one of the few left who is not on Facebook. lol!! I love Martha…she looks like such a sweet dog.

  • Pam Hoerner

    Thanks for the great pics! It was such a joy for me to visit with you again and see the girls. I am glad that Sabrina is doing better these days. N very fun to not feel well when away from the comforts of home!
    Thanks again for all your great designs and your generous gift at Christmas! Your blog is always interesting and inspiring!
    Happy Easter to you and your family! Hugs….pam

  • Heidi

    Thanks for taking the time to blog Paulette! I love every single post! Do you happen to know who the designer is for the “Children are an Heritage of the Lord” design you showed? That’s a very sweet one!!! Thanks! Heidi 🙂

  • Lauretta Jackson

    I love your piece that children are a heritage of the Lord. Is the one in the photo stitched on gauze? How did you get that stripe over the writing, is it stitching?
    I also have a weenie dog and just think your stitched weenies are adorable. In real life they are mischievous, stubborn creatures, but oh so loveable.

  • Linda

    Hi Paulette! I’m still here too and drop by often to see if you have posted. I don’t do the other ways to communicate either, so I stick with reading your blog. Question…in the first pic of the “Children” piece, should it be an “a heritage” instead of the “an heritage”. I think it should be an “a heritage” but I thought maybe it was an old sampler thing? Sort of like some of the alphabets on old samplers? It’s been a lot of years since English class, but I have always thought “an” was used before a word starting with a vowel. BTW, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your newest designs! I will be broke ordering all you wonderful things! I do enjoy your blog and am always happy to see a new post. P.S. Did you make your Colorado trip to play in the snow this year? It snowed all day here yesterday. I hope no one had sandals as their new Easter shoes! It’s cold! Stitch on, Linda in CO.

  • Jeanne

    I always enjoy your blog posts, Paulette. I don’t do insta anything or Facebook. Thanks for the inspiring pics of all the Nashville goodies!

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