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Oh my, all I've wanted for weeks is for the sun to come out and warm the place up. It finally does just that, to the tune of 100 degrees and wilting flowers, and now all I can think about is fall…

Orange leaves, bittersweet, masses of bumpy gourds on wooden carts at the pumpkin patch, and pumpkin spice lattes… opened windows for sleeping, fire pits and s'mores, new autumn designs, and new linen to stitch on.

Fall is perfect.

And when R&R Reproductions told me about a beautiful new linen color in their lineup, I got a really fun idea: I wanted to come up with a new autumn-themed design to go with the linen! And I wanted to have a pre-autumn celebration giveaway!


This is the little design I came up with to go with this brand-new linen from R&R Reproductions:

Stars Hollow Blend

Isn't that fabulous? Love love love the name!

And here's another fun new item: Just Another Button Company has come up with the most wonderful little coffee bean pins!


Now here is the giveaway part: One winner will receive a piece of 36 ct. Stars Hollow Blend linen to stitch Brew-Haha!, along with the overdyed threads (listed in the post-script) to go with it, and some coffee bean pins!

All you have to do is answer this question:

What does your perfect fall day look like?

The winner will be chosen from the comments left here or on my Plum Street Samplers Facebook page, and will be announced next week – some time after I return from Chicago. Probably next Tuesday. πŸ™‚

And surprise! The Brew-Haha! chart is yours for the downloading! You'll find the link at the bottom of this post. πŸ™‚

Good luck, and I hope you all have fun with this little giveaway – even if you're in the middle of a heat wave!

P.S. The Brew-Haha! chart calls for DMC, but Dyeing to Stitch in Virginia Beach has come up with a fun conversion to overdyed threads in these colors: Classic Colorworks' Timber (3021), Eggshell (Ecru), Pumpkin Harvest (3776), Brandied Pears (434), Straw Hat (3863), and The Gentle Art's Gingersnap (400),  Endive (3011), Grecian Gold (680), and Nutmeg (3826).

P.P.S. This is the bottom of the post. Download Brew-Haha! πŸ™‚

ETA 7/15: The original color conversion called for Classic Colorworks' Gingersnap, but the correct color is The Gentle Art's Gingersnap.


  • Donna Rae Barrow

    My perfect fall day… sweater and scarf and boots, driving through the country with the family, leaf peeping, stopping to amble through the pumpkins in the patch and picking the perfect one (or three!), visiting a friend or two on the way home, relaxing by an outdoor fire with mugs of hot cider and pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!
    Now I’m ready for Autumn’s arrival!!!
    (Thank you so much for the precious Brew-Haha! chart… can’t wait to stitch it up!)

  • Tina Grace

    We’re at the zoo on a chilly, sunny, crisp sweater-weather day. My grandson in tow, already wearing his Halloween costume (Fred Flintstone) in his stroller. A venti iced chai tea latte to boot. Thinking about heading home and handing out candy.

  • Erin D

    Hockey on the TV, fire in my fireplace, crisp clear air outside, something yummy in the oven and stitching in my hand!
    Love that jaunty pumpkin and I feel like I need all of the Stars Hollow linen!! <3 me some Gilmore Girls!

  • Nataly K

    My definition of the perfect fall day is when its cool and the air is crisp. I love when the leaves just start falling from the Trees in a beautiful array of color. Talking a hike through a forest of color and reaching the summit to find a beautiful canvas of color.

  • Jan Caldwell

    My perfect fall day would be taking a drive in the country with the windows rolled down and smell that fresh fall scent

  • Kay Campbell

    Taking my granddaughter for an adventure walk in our neighborhood. Crisp air, cool sun, kicking through the gorgeous red, gold, orange leaves. Enjoying it all, making memories, and then heading home for a snack of cold apple cider and sugar cookies.

  • Jamie

    My perfect Fall day is a trip to the local apple orchard for an apple slushy. Then home to stich in front of a fire with a cup of tea!
    Love your pattern!

  • Christy Matuszeski

    My perfect fall day is watching the hubby rake leaves into a big pile and then watching the dogs frolic through the piles 😈

  • Terry Anderson Robinson

    My perfect fall day would be a walk in the woods in the northeast with the leaves falling in all the beautiful colors and then sitting in front of a fireplace to take the chill off and cross stitching to my heart’s content.

  • Mary Schreiner

    My perfect fall day is drinking coffee on the porch while listening to music (Neil Diamond preferably), decorating the house and yard for fall, raking leaves and having some homemade chicken and noodles for dinner. Heaven!

  • Peggi Anneken

    In my perfect fall day the air is crisp, but still able to crack the windows a bit, but you can feel winter coming. I am relaxing and looking out my window seeing the colorful leaves, stitching and sipping a cup of spiced tea.

  • Catherine

    Crisp and cool….starting of off with a hot cuppa…then spending it with my husband and boys (including Panzer), whether it be working in the yard, at the baseball fields, or taking a hike. Let’s polish it off with a warm homemade comfort meal (fresh baked pie for dessert of course) and sitting by the fire with my stitching.

  • Charlene in SC

    Ah, a crisp nip in the air, autumn color in the trees, Carolina Panthers on TV, and stitching in my lap!
    Charlene in SC

  • Ranae

    My perfect fall day starts with the kids and grandkids going to the local apple orchard. And then coming back to our house to rake leaves into big piles, to jump in, then in for some hot cocoa or hot apple cider with apple cider donuts. Yum! Yum! Then off to bed in the flannel sheets. Thank you for the freebie, I adore it.

  • Pat Kemblowski

    My perfect fall day would be a cup of coffee and being at my LNS with my stitching gals all together laughing inside as the wind is howling outside through the colorful leaves.

  • Carol

    My perfect fall day would be sitting by the fire stitching on a Plum Street Samplers design while viewing the beautiful fall foliage outside my window.Of course my mug of Hazelnut coffee is close by my hand. Fall days are always glorious here in the mountains of Virginia and I( can’t wait for them to get here.

  • Carol

    Forgot to say that the Stars Hollow fabric will be perfect to stitch on while drinking my coffee from my Stars Hollow mug.

  • Karen Torres

    This is just too stinkin cute! Thanks for the chart! My perfect fall day is spending the day with my 7 grands at the pumpkin patch. Watching them melt in their flannel shirts (that we insist they wear for photos) under the sweltering California sunshine πŸ™‚

  • Lisa

    My perfect Autumn day is having coffee and pumpkin bread or scones for breakfast. Then driving in the country to find a place to pick pumpkins and apples and then go to a winery with my hubby to sample new wines and enjoy the smell of Autumn and cool air. We then go for a walk and make sure to crunch lots of leaves!
    After all of this fun we find our way home and enjoy the stew that I put in the Crock Pot in the AM. ( I call mine Alice. Closest thing to a maid I will ever have!) I then bake some ginger kringle cookies that I enjoy hot out of the oven with a cup of coffee ( freshly ground beans) while I stitch into the wee hours of the night!
    Pure Autumn bliss!

  • Angelique

    My perfect autumn day is a drive out to the lake with a venti pumpkin spice latte, a blanket and a good book to read.

  • Kellie Sandidge

    grabbing a sweatshirt as we go out the door to head to the local high school football game on a Friday night in the school system where both my husband and I work, cheering on our Hawks while sipping hot chocolate from the concession stand, seeing friends and enjoying time as a family in our sweet small town–perfect way to start a fall weekend! Thanks for the chart and thanks for the chance to possibly win the prize. πŸ™‚

  • Giovanna

    Thanks for the great chart! Perfect autumn day: drinking morning coffee on the balcony in the cool air, fluffy clouds in the sky, lovely colours on the trees, sit and stitch for a while, read over lunch, ride the bike along the river and stop somewhere for a drink, stitch in the evening while watching a favourite series, snuggle under the eiderdown and feel it warming up, read a while, drift off…

  • Melissa Cook

    Adorable pattern. The perfect fall day is nice and cool and the leaves have changed colors so hubs and I can drive down Natchez Trace.

  • Mary Jane Moder

    The perfect fall day… first a walk with my four-legged pal Woody and enjoying the fall colors in the leaves with a crisp breeze blowing, then settling in for Ohio State football – my husband watching while I peer occasionally over the top of my stitchy glasses at the tv while I work on this fun new design. Thank you for this great gift!

  • Brenda Olson

    Taking my grandkids to green bluff to pick out their very own pumpkin to carve for Halloween. Getting them hot apple cider and me a pumpkin latte!!! Listening to the excitement all the way up there about how big of a pumpkin they are going to get. Then coming home and settling in the a cup of coffee and my cross stitching as I see it, it is a win win situation . Grandkids happy and tired and grandma getting to spend the rest of the day in her comfy chair doing what she likes best!!!πŸ˜€

  • Jacquie

    My perfect fall/autumn day is one I experienced in my childhood… When I was about 8-9. I remember we lived in Germany as my dad was in the forces, we often went out walking at weekends with our dog Bernie, a daschund. I remember going to our local woods next to the cemetery, it was so beautiful. Autumn is such a picturesque time, the colours of all the leaves on the ground, reds, oranges and golden all swirling around. I loved how they crunched under my feet as I walked. I used to pretend to bury our dog under huge piles of leaves… Then watch him shake all the leaves about when I whistled him. These were such happy memories for me, so this day was my perfect fall/autumn day πŸ™‚

  • Liz Hallahan

    My perfect Fall day? Hot apple cider and visiting the pumpkin patch, with my sisters and our kids-all 7 of them. Hopefully that patch is surrounded by bright yellow, orange and red leaved trees. Of course I live in California so this would take some planning. πŸ™‚

  • Connie Beach

    My idea of a perfect autumn day would be a lazy day in the backyard, bundled up in a sweatshirt, cuddling the little dogs, and watching the leaves fall. Then finish up with a hot bowl of soup and the smell of the evening fires.

  • melissa

    Perfect Fall Day–Fire in the fireplace-laughing and chatting with friends and family sipping a warm beverage-reading-stitching–an evening walk through the falling leaves.

  • Marlene

    Today it’s 111 (heat index) here at the mission where I’m volunteering for a few weeks. So I’m delighted to turn my imagination to a crisp fall day! We live on a small lake and I love fall days when I can sit on my deck with a quilt to snuggle under, a fire to toast my feet beside, and a captivating book to get lost in! blessings, marlene

  • Ann Knudsen

    My perfect fall day would be any Halloween! My husband and I create a haunted cemetery in our front yard, with tombstones, skeletons, and a ghost. Scary music and a fog machine add to the creepy atmosphere. I carve several jack-o-lanterns as well. I love it when the children come to our house for trick or treating. The little ones are so cute dressed up in their costumes!
    Thank you for the great chart!

  • Laura Jamieson

    My perfect fall day is getting my winter feral cat shelters made up and that the little darlings actually sleep in them before the first snowfall, all while trying not to sneeze my brains out from my fall allergies to dead leaves while doing it. Thank you for the chart it is adorable.

  • Judy

    Thanks for the great chart. A perfect fall day is blue sky, sunshine, beautiful fall foliage and a chill in the air while browsing around a festival. Then home for a yummy warm bowl of soup. And into a comfy chair for an evening of stitching.

  • Pam

    My perfect fall day is crisp and sunny!!!! A day where I can wear a nice sweater and a pair of boots. a day at the apple orchard picking apples. A nice drive to look at the leaves. maybe a nice dinner at a restaurant with a toasty fire in the fireplace. All of these combined make up the perfect fall day.

  • Heidi

    My perfect fall day would be spent up at our cottage in northern Ontario. I would wake up to pancakes for breakfast and then go for a long bike ride. Lunch would be over the outdoor fire (maybe pie irons) followed by a nice long nap and some reading in our sunroom. After dinner a bonfire and then inside for some pre- bedtime stitching by the fireplace. Lots of hot chocolate and cookies as well!! Perfection!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • MaryJo Moulding

    My day would be sitting on my patio in the shade on my chaise lounge playing with my 2 yr.old(yesterday) granddaughter. Afty. And if and when she fell
    Asleep,,stitch. Love that little girl!
    MaryJo Ut.

  • Denise Powers

    My perfect fall day is sunny and still a bit warm. I would be going to the corn maze with my grandchildren. A special treat after all that walking would be apple cider and glazed donuts.

  • Beth

    My perfect fall day would be when the air is just becoming brisk. It isn’t cold enough for a jacket but just long sleeves. I am sitting on my patio in my rocker sipping on a hot cup of Hazelnut coffee. The leaves are all ablaze with the colors of brilliant red, squash yellow and a butterscotch gold. Just gorgeous. As I sit there with my babies lying at my feet, I don’t have a care in the world but to live in that very moment. I am so ready for fall.

  • Connie Bechtold

    Covered Bridge Festival always starts on the first Friday of October and lasts for 10 days! So my favorite Fall day is getting together with friends, driving together to the Festival and breathing in the autumnal air. The smells are fabulous! There are wonderful food stands, cinnamon rolls, the smell of wood smoke from the fires cooking the navy bean soup, pies and icecream. Hot chocolate if it is cooler outside. The smell of hay, the leaves, the beautiful colors of leaves on the trees, driving through the country, the stands with all of the Fall decorations. The antique stands are so interesting! We are gone all day long and have a wonderful time. Then we head home, exhausted but satisfied, showing our family all of our “finds”. What a fun day!

  • Edie

    A drive through Autumn leaves to State College, PA, tailgating while my son mans the grill and cheering Penn State on to victory.

  • Debbie Kos

    My perfect autumn day is going to the pumpkin patch and picking out pumpkins for each of my kids and grandbabies.. I also get small pumpkins to hollow out and fill with my grandmothers recipe for “pumpkin Mash” (mashed potatoes and Hamburg) and make that for supper after going to the pumpkin patch
    While supper is cooking we decorate outside for Fall πŸ˜ƒ

  • Kana Conger

    My perfect fall day: I’m dressed in a sweater, jeans and boots. I’m in southern
    Vermont with my friend Meleen and the green mountains of Vermont are covered in orange, yellow and red foliage. Some warm tea and a fresh, warm spiced donut go well together for our early morning outing!! It’s a perfect day!! I could go on, but will stop. Thx for the chance to win and also for the free design!

  • Kris Stutz

    Oh, I love a nice fall day with a slight cool breeze. A big cozy sweater and my Uggs. A nice walk with my dog and then home to curl up in front of the fireplace with my dog, my stitching, a nice book and some hot chocolate with marshmallows! Goodness, I can’t wait for Fall!
    Thank you for the chart! It is adorable and I can’t wait to stitch it!

  • Kathy

    My favorite fall days is and has been for at least 15 years going to the Annual Wine and Harvest Festival in Cedarburg, Wisconsin – beautiful colors, wine and fine artisans from all over the country!! Hayrides, games for the kids – a wonderful time for all!

  • Patti Dagg

    Thank you for this lovely design. Reminds me fall is getting closer. Love that time if year pumpkins , scarecrows , decor in every yard.

  • Marian

    Thank you for the chart and the lovely colours. I am going to pick a favourite childhood (1963) memory for this one. My Dad supplemented his military pay by gardening for various people. He had taken us (Mum, my 2 younger sisters & me) to one of his clients and I was given a leaf rake to help with the leaves. Lots of lovely colours in the garden – leaves all shades of greens, reds & yellows and the roses (lots of roses) still in full bloom. So tidying up the garden and having an Autumn picnic (English Ploughman’s Lunch of cheese, breads, pickles tomatoes etc)in the garden is my favourite Autumn day.

  • Vivian

    My perfect fall days are now memories. First day of school, my girls dressed up in new school clothes with their fall jackets zipped up, new backpacks filled with crayons and scribblers, new scissors and indoor shoes. We’d head out early to meet the bus. Fortunately living in a rural area there are plenty of photo stops amongst the trees with their leaves changing colours (fall in the Yukon comes early) on the way to the bus stop. Finally we gwey to the designated stop and wait with all the neighbourhood dogs who have become used to meeting the bus. The smell of woodsmoke in the air, the air crisp enough to put a little red in the cheeks. A few moments of excitement and wonder as to what the year would bring. Then off they go…without me. I swear thefirst day of school was both exhilarating and heartbreaking. And so simply perfect.

  • Angela Cruz-Garcia

    My perfect autumn day? Windows open, cup of coffee on the side table, quiet house (cause everyone is sleeping in) and thread and needle in hand. Perfect!!
    Thank you for the wonderful chart!

  • Nikki Senecal

    My perfect fall day is October 14, my birthday. We are up in New Hampshire a little late for the leaves. The air is crisp and we go for a hike. We end up in a pub for burgers and fries with a local brew. Sigh. You’re making me wish the days away!

  • Terri

    I’m kind of enjoying a Fall evening, right now! It has been a cool summer and I’ve loved it! Now, as in the Fall, the widows are open, the air is cool, the breezes are blowing and the leaves are rustling and an old, soft quilt is the perfect thing to top it all off! Throw in a hot chocolate, spiked or not, and I’m a happy camper. What a cute design, thank you! I’m not a coffee drinker – gasp – but a stack of hot chocolate cups work for me!

  • Karen Creek

    Walking through the crispy leaves in Nebraska City, getting apple pie and coffee at the Apple farm or Kimmels Orchard… picking apples and then a hay rack ride at Union Orchard then music and wine at Soaring Wings…. loving Fall days in Nebraska!

  • Shelly

    I’ve got a hankering for Fall too! I’m done with hot weather. But I live in Arizona, who am I kidding?! Thanks for this chart, it is the cutest thing ever. My perfect Fall day is waking up without the fan on and a thin blanket pulled over me, seeing orange and yellow leaves skittering across the yard, puffy clouds in the sky, having to close the front door in the evening, and settling down with a big bowl of 3 bean chicken chili made in the crockpot. Can’t wait!

  • margaret Kaltefleiter

    My perfect fall day is taking a walk in the woods, hearing the crunch of leaves under my feet. I love to cut bittersweet out of the field fences with my sister and talking about new wreaths that we can make to hang on our front doors. Of course that brisk feeling in the air makes me want to light a cinnamon apple candle and make an apple pie. Can’t stop yet, I always put lots of pumpkins by my front door and on my deck next to pots of purple mums. Hugs from the grandkids finish off the day in the best way ever!
    Thanks so much for the darling download!! You’re too sweet.

  • Linda

    Being back to my roots in New England, going to Lyman’s Orchards for apple cider donuts and fresh macoun apples to make a pie! Of course I have to rustle and crunch the newly fallen leaves and save a few for their beautiful color.

  • Linda Pence

    My best Fall day is in the mornings when the air is crisp, and I’m sitting on my deck looking around at all the beauty God has given us and knowing that His love and grace surround me. So Blessed.
    Thanks for the cute chart and sharing your talent with us.

  • Suzanne G.

    A warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning and then again in the afternoon when I sit down to stitch. Love having a fireplace lit with a warm glow to take the chill off the house. Also, the smell of anything pumpkin baking…and then eating with another cup of coffee. πŸ™‚

  • Michele Washburn

    Thanks for the fun chart! My perfect autumn day includes a road trip with my husband and daughter; somewhere fun, involving thrift stores and roadside markets!

  • Kathy Koontz

    I live in Florida, so the fall season is a fairly relative concept. I grew up in the Northeast and Midwest and have wonderful memories of fall. To me fall is all about the senses. The smell of woodsmoke, fall leaves and mulling spices. The sound of leaves beneath my feet and blowing in the wind. The taste of pumpkin pie and fresh baked bread. The feel of the first nip of frost on my nose and the cool of frost on the windows. I enjoy Florida but I truly miss fall.

  • Trudy Moye

    Sixty degrees and blue clear skies. The dog and my sweet grandson to take a walk with me to the back pasture. Hot tea and soup waiting for us when we are done.

  • Debra Taylor

    The day would start with a crisp temperature and the sun shining. Pumpkins on the porch and ghosts hanging in the trees. Jeans and a sweater and a mug of hot And of course, cross-stitching!

  • Wendy

    Heading out to the pumpkin patch with my family in search of pumpkins,spooks and all things autumn. Seeing the trees adorned with colors that are breathtaking. Enjoying the sounds of family…oh grandma did you see that, grandpa look over there. Everything is warm and loving. Then home to maybe start a new autumn cross stitch project. Hot coffee and a pumpkin muffin πŸ˜‰ The perfect day !
    Thank you for the chart, and a chance to win something a pumpkin will love πŸ˜‰

  • Vanessa Roper

    A day in early fall that is slightly warm. A ride in the country and the park to look at the leaves, and have a picnic by the water. Then back home to spend the cool evening stitching.

  • Kathy LeMere

    Thank you for the sweet chart! Too cute. My perfect fall day is a bike ride through a bike trail with beautiful fall colors all around. Have done just this many times in Wisconsin where I live on the many rails to trails we have. To finish it off a fire outdoors with my family.
    Thank you for the giveaway chance.

  • Jolene

    Thank you for the adorable chart & also for the chance to win the materials for it.
    My perfect Autumn day would start with fresh cinnamon rolls hot from the oven, dripping with icing, coupled with a fresh cup of rich French roast coffee. After a quick sweep of the scattered leaves from the back deck, (aren’t the red, gold & orange ones beautiful?) we’re off for a walk down to the creek. Don’t forget another mug of coffee & our stitch bags. Sitting on the bench listening to the water babbling while we sip & stitch, a few leaves fall on & around us. Look! That one is the exact color of DMC 921! Next it’s time to rake up a big leaf pile so we can all jump in & hear, smell, touch & crunch the crispy, crackling leaves. Homemade chicken soup & hot bread & butter for lunch. Is it cold enough for hot lemonade yet? SURE! That hit the spot! Let’s go pick some apples & a pumpkin or two. We should take the pickup truck, in case we find a really big pumpkin. Oh that one is perfect! Thank you Mr. Farmer. Back home, out of the crisp, nearly chilly air. The roast for dinner, is all done. Perfectly cooked meat & veggies & some rolls, all fresh from the oven. Spiced cider, anyone? Let’s get the apple pie in that oven now, then we can carve the pumpkin! Halloween is right around the corner, you know. Pie & ice cream time! Let’s eat in front of the fireplace. YUM! That was good! I’ve got an idea! Lets drink our hot chocolate out on the deck & watch the stars. Was that a comet? Oooo! It’s getting cold. We need to go back inside. Just enough time to put a few stitches into the latest Serial Bowl. I’m so glad you could all come over & join me today. Drive safely going home. Watch out for deer. Ahh! Time to snuggle under the covers. Now that everyone has made it home, I hope we all have sweet dreams. Good night!

  • Iris

    My perfect fall day is halloween : decorations, pumpkins, candles, … All dressed up in our costumes, good food and drinks and all our friends over for a great halloween party πŸ˜‰
    Thank you for the chart, I love it !

  • Kathy O in GA

    My perfect autumn day would be a rocking chair on the porch, enjoying my morning coffee, wrapped up in a quilt, looking out at hills of red, orange and gold…and planning what I would stitch next! Thank you for the wonderful chart!

  • Sue Stieger

    My perfect fall day – clear crisp skies a walk in the fields and seeing the leaves in their autumn colours to come home and cosy up with a coffee and some stitching time before the end of the school day. I love to sneak some quiet time while everyone is out as much as I love the craziness and noise of a full house.

  • cecile daems

    my perfect fallday, walking in the forrest with the boots through the leaves picking up chestnuts and acorns to make a display at home.

  • Suzanne

    My perfect autumn day is a crisp, sunny morning with a heavy dew on the grass. The autumn leaves are scattered around the ground and we are picking chestnuts whilst the misty fingers spread around our feet. The children are running around and shouting with excitement, racing to be the first one to find the biggest chestnut.

  • Justine

    This is such a pretty chart, thank you for offering it. I guess that most of the previous comments come from the US or Canada as here in the UK Autumn means rain! But sometimes we get really nice crisp days and I enjoy wrapping up warm and taking my boys to the zoo and good old fish and chips on the way home!

  • Marlene Leonardo

    A perfect fall day…..a good breeze with colorful autumn leaves falling and I’m outside walking and it’s sunny with the sun shining through the leaves.

  • CJ

    A walk in the autumn woods, crunchy leaves, beech nuts and conkers, pretty fungi, shafts of low sunlight, a chill in the air, home at dusk to hot soup and crusty bread, baked apples, a crackling fire, all day with those I love. A beautiful design, and lovely pins, such a clever idea. Thanks for the giveaway. CJ xx

  • Ellen Sharp

    My perfect fall day, a day spent reading on the deck, with a cup of tea! Cool crisp sunny days, and decorating the house for fall! And let’s not forget, always a basket of stitching nearby!!
    I love the chart!!!

  • Janie Emersin

    My perfect fall day starts sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee, enjoying the cool air and the beautiful fall colors on the mountains. A perfect, relaxing time to stitch!

  • Janie Emerson

    Correcting my name πŸ˜€. My perfect fall day starts sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee, enjoying the cool air and the beautiful fall colors on the mountains. A perfect, relaxing time to stitch!

  • DJ

    What a cute pattern! Thank you for sharing! My birthday is in the fall, so my perfect day would be one where I would be walking through fresh fallen leaves of all the bright colors of fall, holding my husband’s hand. Sipping on hot mulled cider, inhaling the scent if cinnamon, breathing in the crisp cool, air of the Adirondack mountains in New York. (I just made myself homesick!)

  • Nancy Wrisley

    Fall is my favorite season!!!!! My perfect day would be sunny, a lovely cool crisp breeze, enjoying the beautiful crimson, orange, yellow and reds of fall leaves falling softly to the ground. A pie baking in the oven, emitting wonderful smells throughout the house, stitching in my comfy chair and enjoying the chatter, laughter and love of my two grand kids whom I have not seen in four years. Ahhh, there would be nothing more perfect. Thank you for such a happy feeling, smile bringing cross stitch piece. Let the fun begin!!!!!!!!!

  • Maxine farrell

    Totally agree windows open in the fall, and hiking in the Catskills with the most beautiful view of the Hudson valley, colors ablaze, nature’s beauty. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Judy Zarlenga

    Bring in Autumn with a cool,crisp sunny day. Just a light sweater or jacket will do
    Follow through with a quiet walk with the dogs down the road pondering the beautiful colors of the season or saddle up for a brisk trot in the field. End the day with hot cocoa. My recipe for a wonderful fall day!

  • Chrissie

    Crisp wind skating fire-limned leaves across the browning grass, skies grey in October closing, cardinals chipping on the feeder, a needle in my hand and a cup of steaming cafe au lait at my elbow, cat on my knees,Wee fire in the grate.
    Come, Autumn!

  • Patti Levine

    Love, love this chart! Thank you for the wonderful creation. Fall is my favorite time of year….a day spent in the mountains overlooking the valley with a sea of gold, green, red, yellow from the changing trees. I get warm and fuzzy just thinking of this view…..Add some s’mores, pumpkin pie and a pumpkin spice latte and I am in heaven……

  • Erin

    My perfect fall day –
    A weekend in a solitary cabin in the Adirondacks with a lovely porch. In the morning I’d sit on the porch – which would provide a bit of shade, of course – on a warm autumn day, sip some coffee with a ridiculous amount of flavored creamer in it, admire the gorgeous foliage on the mountainsides, listen to my “Wandering Gypsy Ren-Faire” Pandora station, and stitch my heart out. By afternoon I might have burnt out a bit, so maybe I’d go exploring and have a sandwich on crusty homemade bread for lunch. Then back to stitching. For dinner I’d head out to a local restaurant or hole-in-the-wall diner and try some unique and local. Back to the cabin, where I might stitch a teeny bit more before hopping into the jacuzzi tub with a good book.

  • Barbara Tighe

    Recipe for a Perfect Fall Day
    Crisp air mixed with blue skies
    A gaggle of friends with stories and laughter to share
    Cups of coffee or tea “to go”!
    A long windy road leading to a favorite lunch spot
    A long walk afterwards, taking in the colorful leaves and capturing photos together
    A fun ride home reminiscing about the day and making plans for ‘the next time’
    BIG hugs all around, cherishing the friendship that we share, knowing that we will always be there for each other
    The ending to a perfect fall day

  • Susan Carter

    My perfect fall day would be returning to upstate NY where I grew up, visiting the state parks, enjoying a crisp, sunny day, and stopping for fresh squeezed apple cider.

  • Phyllis

    Love the chart…thanks!! A perfect autumn day for me is to take a morning walk in the crisp cool air in the Great Smokey Mountains! I would take a drive through the winding roads taking in the view of all the beautiful fall colors. Back at the cabin, I would sit out on the deck with my hubby and a great cup of coffee. Maybe do a little stitching out on the deck and just relax, which I haven’t done in a while.

  • Judy J

    My perfect Fall Day….I live in South New Jersey where we have a lot of Peach and Apple orchards. Many time, after the tress are done producing fruit for the life time they cut the trees down (to make room for new ones) they burn the old trees and the wonderful smell of the trees burning can be smelled in the Fall air for miles. Top that with fresh apple cider and playing in the leaves with my little one, you can’t get anything better than that.

  • Robin Hager

    My perfect fall day is riding through the countryside where I live in NC, and seeing the beauty of the leaves and feeling the crisp air blowing in my face through the open car window. Then suddenly a whiff of wood smoke from a chimney letting us know that the chill of the evening is soon upon us.

  • Fran C

    The sun is shining but cool enough for a sweater and boots. The leaves are falling and covering the ground from the beautifully colored trees here in New England. We are out sitting by the fire place with family and friends enjoying the last of the backyard get together’s before winter arrives.

  • Sue Weddle

    My perfect fall day is a hike in Glacier National Park. Taking pictures of big horn sheep, mountain goat, grizzly bears, and moose. I am inspired by the snowcapped mountains, that stands before me….I’m at peace as I stand before God’s creations!

  • Kathie

    A perfect fall day….. crisp cool air, foggy in the morning but sun coming thru. A cup of coffee to watch the morning changing. Leaves of many colors on the trees and changing the ground to a patchwork quilt. Picking pumpkins and a hayride with the grandchildren. Sitting around a crackling firepit in the evening, with hot cocoa and s’mores, telling ghost stories, with a warm quilt wrapped around a small body in my lap, as they fall asleep, counting the stars. Family together, it just doesn’t get much better than that! Thank you for the fun pattern!

  • Ann Reynolds

    Perfection: scudding clouds, bright sunshine pouring through golden and red leaves and the smell of hot apple cider. That feeling that the world is turning and the seasons are changing. I go inside and go through my X stitch charts looking for something fallish to stitch. Find the perfect fabric and have all the called for floss. I stab my fabric and from start to finish not a frog in sight. Each X is perfect and not one knot to undo. Suddenly I hear a gentle snore. Well, really a snort and I am suddenly awake in my deck chair. There’s a leaf stuck to my sweater. A horn blows, the neighbor waves and the cat wants in. Back to reality. But for a few minutes… perfection.
    Thanks for the chart! Coffee and pumpkins, two of my favorite things. πŸ˜€

  • Cathryn

    Today (the 15th) is my birthday and I couldn’t have asked for a better gift. I don’t remember where I previously saw this chart (maybe on facebook), but I remember thinking I would love to have that chart. My birthday wish come true! Thank you Paulette!!!!!!
    Perfect Autumn day would be a fire in the fireplace, snuggled up with a good book next to the picture window so I could look outside at the blowing leaves every once-in-a-while. AND on the table beside me that perfect cup of coffee. Of course the other option would be to replace the book with my favorite stitching of the moment piece. πŸ˜€ Thank you so much Paulette. Cathryn

  • Pilar

    A perfect fall day is when we go with friends to the forest to look for mushrooms and then we cook them with garlic and parsley as a garnish for barbecue.

  • Margaret

    Perfect Fall day. Hmm. Probably going into NYC with DH to enjoy a beautiful fall day, look at the fall colors in Central Park, maybe visit a museum and maybe a shop or two. πŸ˜€ Thanks for the chart — so cute!

  • Paula from GA

    Hiking near one of North Georgia’s waterfalls through crisp, golden leaves to a pastoral picnic with my family. Then apple picking in the afternoon and home to drink hot chocolate and bake apple pies.

  • Sylvia Nash

    A fall day at the cottage, leaves are turning, the lake it quiet, the firepit has no bugs and a mug of warm cider

  • Ana Roat

    My perfect fall day…putting the summer stuff away and pulling out the fall decor. Raking leaves with grandkids and the boxer dogs in tow. Watching the kids help hubby put up lights. Chatting with neighbors. Bike rides in cool crisp air. Crockpots with comfort food, cuppa something warm and tasty and afternoon stitching on back patio. Life is good!
    Thanks for the freebie and a chance to win!

  • Zoe

    The design is so cute! My perfect fall day includes admiring the changing colors of the trees, being outside in the cool air and needing a sweater, drinking warm tea while I’m wrapped up in a throw blanket and the low lights of a fire in the fireplace.

  • Judy Graves

    My perfect Fall day is just around the corner. Here in Maine fall starts to show up in about mid August. The morning would be crisp and require a fleece or sweatshirt to have breakfast with the windows open. My love and I would walk in the woods and watch for grouse, deer, and maybe even moose. The leaves are already multi-colored and exquisite. Once home I’d pack my stitching bag and he’d gather his flies and we’d load everything in the Clacka and head out to Moosehead Lake and a day of fly fishing for him and relaxed stitching for me. If we’re lucky we’ll see eagles, if we’re really lucky, John will have to battle them for the fish he catches! The sights and smells make fall stitching the very best of all! We don’t keep the fish we catch –
    it’s all capture & release in our world so dinner will be moose burgers on the grill. Absolutely delish and a wonderful end to a cozy lovely day.

  • Vanessa

    My perfect fall day is overcast, breezy and about 50’ish degrees. It is also a day either cruising the back roads of Door County Wisconsin, or walking around the old graveyard overlooking Shawme Pond in Sandwich Massachusetts. It is followed, of course, with a stop at a favorite restaurant for a nice bowl of hot soup or chowder, and if in Wisconsin, a side order of cheese curds. Perfection!

  • Diann Cornell

    My perfect fall day is sunny with blue skies. It is cool enough to require a sweater. I imagine wading through piles of crunchy fallen leaves, and there are still lots of the leaves on the trees in bright autumn colors.

  • Jackie

    My version of a perfect fall day is from when I was a kid. My sisters and brothers and I used to make houses out of the leaves. Then we would rake them up and make a big pile and jump in them. They always smelled so good and back then the leaves could be burned in the ditches, it was wonderful to smell the smoke as the leaves burned.

  • nancy

    october is my memory month met my husband on the 18th got engaged the next year on the 17 the air was clear and cool. the trees were bright and beautiful it was easy to fall in love.we will be married 55 yrs in august another almost fall month

  • Sandy Harwood

    The cool evenings that allow you to sleep with the windows open. Watching all the birds as they begin their migration. Finding a good program on TV and stitching.

  • Jill Jensen

    Fall is my favorite season! Cool air, sweaters, campfires you actually enjoy sitting by and pumpkin hunting…it’s the best!!

  • Sally Beckett

    My perfect autumn day is a clear bright blue sky. Cool temps with a slight breeze. Getting ready for a big tailgate party at the Falcons game.

  • Bonnie Coles

    The nice crisp air of Fall and pumpkins everywhere and a slice of pumpkin pie in front of me. A group of Plum Street charts to decide which to do first. Bonnie

  • Kim Bartkowski

    My perfect fall day would be spent in Park City, Utah dressed in nice jeans and a great sweater. I would be at the Shephard’s Bush retreat and able to take ALL the tracks including yours! I would also have a grande Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks to sip on. The first have of the day would be spent in class with the afternoon spent stitching with my girlfriends who came with me and we would be by a lovely fire.
    Ahhh…if only. πŸ˜‰

  • JessicaT

    Perfect fall day is a breezy day with leaves blowing gently around. A cup of pumpkin spice coffee to sip on. A fall pattern to stitch. Pumpkins strewn about the house and yard to gaze upon.
    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  • Annette - California Stitcher

    Thank you for the wonderful and FUN chart! I just love your designs.
    Perfect fall day: The weather outside is chilly and all the leaves have turned. Having hazelnut coffee smelling my Apple Hill cake (recipe from Apple Hill, Placerville CA ) baking in the oven ( I only make it in the Fall/Holidays) and cross stitching a Plum Street design waiting for the cake to be done. Then watch Hallmark Fall movies all day while cross-stitching.
    Perfect Fall day!!!
    love Annette

  • Alice F.

    The perfect fall day would be a trip to the apple orchard to pick apples and sample apple cider. Thanks for the very cool chart!

  • Renee Frankish

    Ahh…my perfect day is waking up with the warm autumn sun shining stepping out on the patio to have my morning coffee smelling the fall setting into the air. My burning bush off the patio displaying it’s bright red leaves with white and orange pumpkins surrounding it with beautiful yellow mums. Then going inside to put a my jeans, boots and sweater for the days activities. Hoping to return in the late afternoon to do some stitching in the bright sun before the sunsets drinking spice tea. And to end my perfect day… my husband and I sitting around our fire pit feeling warm and toasty agains the autumn chill.

  • Marilyn Brown

    Since Fall usually doesn’t arrive here in the desert until the first of November, we all look forward to cooler days and crisp nights!
    Marilyn Brown

  • Audrey

    My perfect fall day is warm with a cool evening. I love to make apple crisp and pumpkin bread and have some with a cup of tea or even hot cider. I love the smells and the colors of fall.

  • Laurie Brown

    Such a cute design! Love the pumpkin arms and legs!! My perfect Fall day is when the air is cool and crisp!!! The leaves are all sorts of colors and you can have a hot dog roast with s’mores for dessert!

  • Kim Mattox

    My perfect fall day starts with a cup of coffee in the morning outside on our deck. It continues with a trip to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins, apples, go on a hayride, and have lots of fun. It ends with a bonfire & wienie roast in our backyard. Good times with friends and family.

  • Cindy

    My idea of a perfect fall day is a walk through the forest, with the leaves emblazoned with summer’s colors waving goodbye, while the soft dripping of rain hits the leaves and the soft earth. Breathing deeply of the crisp air redolent of mossy earth, while catching a glimpse of birds spreading their wings against a deep blue sky. Nearby a stream babbles happily, while my beloved husband tells me he loves me.
    Afterwards, coming home and being enveloped in the warm embrace of the house smelling of savory beef stew and a freshly baked loaf of bread, which co-mingles with the spicy, sweet scent of an apple pie cooling on the counter.
    After changing into a soft, pillowy bear hug of a sweater and thick, cushy slippers, raising a glass of deep, cherry Burgundy wine with my Beloved and thinking that it really truly is the little things that make life special.

  • Pat Kokandy

    My perfect autumn day was sunny, but cool enough that you are comfortable in jeans and a sweater. The trees are dressed in colorful autumn leaves. I am visiting the Parke County Indiana Covered Bridge Festival with my sister, my niece, and thousands of strangers in a holiday mood.
    Thank you for the cute autumn chart. Looking forward to meeting you this weekend at Tomorrow’s Heirlooms’ seminar.

  • Jeannine520

    Thank you so much for the darling design, love it!!
    My perfect fall day is goofing off in Erickson’s Ranch pumpkin patch with my husband, kids, parents and my brother’s family. We all go out together every year and pick a big wheel barrow of pumpkins to carve. We make goofy poses with each other and take lots of pictures. At night we all end up at my house putting the finishing touches on props for our Halloween yard haunt. We’re all a little Halloween crazy in my family. πŸ˜‰ We usually end up eating pizza as we dress skeletons and scarecrows way into the night.

  • Marilyn

    The perfect Fall day.
    A trip to the park where they have hayrides and carriage rides through the park.
    The smell of the leaves.
    And of course, who doesn’t love Pumpkins.
    My favorite are the white Pumpkins.
    Pumpkins and Gourds and squash on display for sale.
    Beautiful Fall flowers also.
    Just the smell of Autumn!

  • AlexB

    My perfect autumn day is spent stitching and preparing for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The house seems to come alive when we start to get ready for the holidays. I love to decorate the house for Halloween and Christmas. I guess on my perfect day, I would spend it finishing up stitched gifts and projects for my home. I stitch all year and finish all of my Chritmas ornaments in the fall just before I put up my Christmas trees… I usually do 3 trees…one with glass ornaments, one with special things for the kids, and one that has all hand-made ornaments…. Many of them are stitched.

  • carol martin

    A fall day represents what the bountiful best that our year has had to offer; the promise of a land soon to earn its required rest; a time of equanimity; a time to epitomize our deeds and a continuation of the road we choose to see.

  • Jacqueline Hasenzahl

    Autumn…I get to wear my favorite sweater and head outside. There is a chill in the air and that earthy smell of ripe apples, downed leaves and wood. Today is the day for a simmering pot of soup hmmm, maybe chili and a loaf of warm baked bread. Today I get to pick the pumpkins in my garden. It’s time to change my outside decorations. I line the path with pumpkins, my rusty tin jack-o-lanterns and ghosts. I have the pots of mums ready from the farmers market the day before. Crisp leaves crunch under my footsteps as I clip a few pine branches and gather pinecones to fill an old weathered basket. If I only had some bittersweet branches…. It’s time for a cuppa as I warm up next to the fireplace. My dog has found his favorite napping spot. I guess his old bones need to warm up too. I pull out my stitching. It’s the perfect day to work on something fun, something fall. I’ve got it. The perfect pattern…Brew Haha…….

  • Barbara Ray

    Thank you for the Brew HaHa chart — he’s such a cutie! My favorite fall day is going to an outside fair – a gentle breeze and leaves falling from the trees – looking at all the wonderful goods and finding special Christmas gifts.

  • Jan King

    My favorite fall day would be the leaves changing slightly (not much of a change in south TX), a nice breeze blowing, me sitting on covered patio stitching on a Plum Street Sampler and sipping a cuppa and watching the squirrels forage for pecans from my tree and the birds singing their favorite song.

  • Kristen from MA

    Thank you for the wonderful gift Paulette! I love it!
    Fall is my favorite season. My perfect day involves sleeping in, having brunch (with good, hot coffee, of course), then a long, leisurely walk with my dogs down by the water. Having some leaves to crunch underfoot is especially satisfying. πŸ™‚

  • karen

    Fall to me means college football and my favorite is when the weather is cool and crisp, tailgating with good friends as the sun begins to sink. Of course…this is after my Clemson Tigers have won!
    Thanks for the new design…. Love it.

  • Lyneen Burrow

    Warm apple cider, cinnamonny candle burning, pumpkin bars, the smell of woodsmoke. Cool enough to pull out the sweatshirt, beautiful mums on the front porch, bluegrass playing, and me siiting on screened back porch cross-stitching. Now that’s a perfect Fall day in Indiana!!!

  • DianeM

    OMGoodness, thank you SO much for the free chart! I absolutely LOVE it! Since I live in the Northeast I get to experience many perfect autumn days. What I really love now is on my drive home along the reservoirs in the afternoon sun with a soft breeze blowing the autumn leaves slowly swirling down to the road in front of me…driving through that canopy of trees is really beautiful! Thanks for the generous giveaway! Best of luck to all πŸ™‚
    Smiles, DianeM

  • Averyclaire

    Thank you for the new chart! The perfect fall day is cool and crisp with blue skies and puffy clouds and leaves falling all around. A long walk in the woods then is perfect!

  • tracy cloyd

    Funny how life has a way of changing you… For so long I would have said a trip to Gatlinburg TN with my family the smells… The cool crisp air… Clear water flowing through the city… And the gorgeous leaves. After the 2015 year… My arm surgeries… The DH with Cancer… Ian’s the drama that has been at the house… I just want time… A pit fire… Family around close… And no drama… I would love to be able to comfortably stitch this fall with a pit fire and a warm cup of coffee… Fall is my favorite time of the year. Oh I just love coffee and love this happy coffee pumpkin guy I am running to kit him up and start him as soon as the arm will allow so he is on my fall tree. Thank you so much

  • Charlene in PhxAz

    After a long hot summer in Phoenix fall is all about sitting on the patio in my big overstuffed denim chair, boxer dog at my feet and reading or stitching. I would love this piece to stitch during that time for sure. It will be a cute addition to the table outside when we have our annual Thanksgiving time.

  • Michelle Doody

    My perfect day is in Bormio, Italy in the high mountains in summer. Cycling up the Passo dello Stelvio (2770m!)having an espresso at the small cosy cafe at the summit, cycling all the way down again and later, stitching in the garden while having a nice glass of wine. Well I’m sure cycling up the Stelvio isn’t everyone’s idea of a perfect day but when I did it in May this year it was mine!

  • vivian

    Thanks for the wonderful gift….fall is my favorite time of the year;
    sitting in my sun room, the sun still very warm;
    out the window the animals feeding on the seeds and fruits fallen to the ground;
    the birds singing a sweet tune to show appreciation;
    a needle n thread in one hand and fabric in the other
    Contentment…..even for just a few minutes of the day.

  • Barb Boughamer

    My perfect fall day always falls on Oct 10th and usually with a trip out to the East Coast to view the fall colors. This date is so important since that is the day I married my best friend Paul. What makes it even more special for the two of us is that the date his parents were married on and since they could not be with us on our special day we married on their special day. We love the fall time to remember them and to enjoy our lives together.

  • Debra Scott

    Perfect fall day….taking a walk in the mountains when the leaves have turned beautiful shades of gold and red, and the air is deliciously crisp with a hint of wood smoke. Heaven!!

  • Joanne.johnson

    My perfect fall day has a chill in the air, leaves of red, gold and orange are gently falling. A.warm sweater feels the order of the day along with a cup of hot chocolate. A visit to the pumpkin patch is awesome and challenging to find the right one! This is definitely my favorite time of the year!!

  • Betty Jo Chaplin

    The perfect fall day is our family in Brown County Indiana, cooking hot dogs and smores over the grill at the state park while my grandson is playing in the leaves, throwing them in the air.

  • Teri

    Thank you for the adorable chart! A perfect fall day for me is a day in the mountains enjoying the change of season.

  • Joanna

    Such a fun pattern that I can’t wait to stitch! Thank you so much for sharing it. Fall is my favorite time of year and many of my favorite days include making chili and jalapeΓ±o cornbread for dinner, walking through falling leaves with my family while marveling at God’s great design and stitching in front of a crackling fire.

  • Wendy

    The perfect fall day is spent raking leaves, setting pumpkins on the steps and sitting on the porch with a cup of spiced cider.

  • Colette

    My perfect Fall day is hanging with my stitching group @ our favorite retreat location- a small B & B where we are treated like queens – we stitch, eat, and discuss all that can be discussed – these are the best days- & I like news in your blog , as I was stalked on FB & closed account ~

  • Kd Brown

    A perfect fall day is a day off of work, with a cup of tea and my stitching enjoying the cool temps and colors of autumn for hours on end.

  • Jane Ann Lennon

    My perfect fall day is a long hike in the woods topped off with an evening sitting by the fire and stitching!

  • Paula

    Clear, bright blue skies, crisp cold air, orange, red, yellow leaves thick on trees, and getting pumpkins at the farm store for decorating the porch. I love stitching for fall. Thanks for the chance to win and a chart I will for sure be stitching!

  • Pam hoerner

    Thanks Paulette! You rock! I love fall days at the farmers market! Love mums and all the wonderful colors, warm cider, and funny shaped pumpkins! Always fun road trips with friends!

  • Melody

    Thanks for the chart! Love the saying, too cute! Yes, I love Fall. I think it’s my favorite season. I would have to say my perfect Fall day would be a drive to see the pretty foliage, lunch at some cute little restaurant, then have a fire in the evening with the kids over and roast marshmallows and hot dogs on the fire.

  • Jen Hein

    Walking our dog in the woods and seeing the changing colors. Then some time sitting on our front porch and stitching. But mostly just enjoying the cool, crisp weather and the brightly colored leaves against the blue sky. I love autumn!

  • Christine O.

    My perfect fall day: Windows open with fresh crisp air blowing into the house, drinking a warm cup of apple cider, the smell of pumpkin muffins baking in the oven, wearing a cozy sweater and stitching the adorable Brew-Haha!

  • Patti Gagliardi

    My perfect autumn day… Harvest my Indian corn, pumpkins and gourds from my little city garden, watch the Chicago Bears beat the Green Bay Packers, then feast on a homemade dinner of pork, dumplings and sauerkraut with pumpkin bars and cream cheese frosting for dessert πŸ™‚ Perfect!
    Blessings, Patti

  • Wendy in Boston

    I am lucky enough to live in New England and there is no better place to be in the fall. With the mountains turning a beautiful red, orange and yellow ,eating hot apple cider donuts, picking out the perfect pumpkin with my grandchildren. Oh, my favorite time of year here.

  • Judy Starkey

    I love fall. Walking in the neighborhood seeing all the beautiful colors on the trees. Watching the squirrels scurry about gathering their nuts. Seeing the pumpkins, corn husk and gourds that decorate the porches and stoops. The brisk, fresh air filing my lungs.
    Love your little piece..perfect for my Fall basket.

  • Deb Stevens

    Thanks for the chart, he is so cute! A perfect fall day has a little chill in the air but the sun is shining bright, a long walk along the beach with a light breeze, lunch on the porch while reading a good book, drinks and dinner outside on the waterway watching the fishermen cleaning their fish with the pelicans not so patiently waiting for scraps, evening spent stitching on the screened porch with my two doxies to keep me warm.

  • TammyTutterow

    What a great chart to start off the coming fall & thanks for your generous freebie chart too!! My favorite fall day is when I was in high school many years ago & going to the city park up the road from my home I grew up in & playing football with a bunch of guys & gals. The sun wasn’t hot just a warmth in the cool crisp air. The smell of the air was full of richness from the Earth and was a relief from the blistering summer we would have every year. The trees were decorated with the leaves that looked like jingling candies dancing on the trees of their vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges! I will always have this great memory in my mind! Thanks Paulette for being such a wonderful designer!

  • Pat Welling

    The perfect fall day is the day when leaves are in peak color, the sky is a clear sky blue, there is a chill in the air, but the sun is warm on your back. You have that new burst of energy with the cooler temperatures, it feels good to wear sweaters and socks. Long walks around the neighborhood seeing the fall displays, playing with your dog. Deep, deep sleep at night under heavy covers. Hot soup again for the first time in months. The return of a favorite TV show. Getting home from work, getting pjs on, and settling in to stitch without feeling guilty about staying indoors. Early enough to anticipate Christmas, without all the hustle and bustle just yet. Fall is my favorite season, and my granddaughter’s, too. We just returned from a wonderful summer vacation, looked at each other and said, “Fall is just around the corner”!

  • Sharon Shetley

    Leaves are turning from golden yellow to a burgundy so dark it is almost black; going on a ride with my husband to the Sierra foothills to get apples, have some hot cider sitting by the fire to keep warm, there is a first sprinkling of snow on the ground ~ perfect day

  • rebecca franks-fjelstad

    Merci! LOVE this funky & fun Pumpkin man. Perfect Fall day~ sleep in (after staying up late the night before stitching) all cuddled up with handmade quilts, stay in PJ’s until at least 11 am. Coffee with caramel machhiato creamer and 8 sugers, pinterest and magazine reading with Gladys & Honeybear snuggled by my side… shower around 1pm, dress in yoga pants and make a qwik starbucks run, pick up the kiddos from school. Stitch through dinner (leftovers for the fam) and take a steaming hot bath before bed , ahhh

  • Judy Lykins

    My perfect fall day is a family tailgate before, or after, a football game! It has been a family tradition for over 43 years, starting the third generation.

  • Beth L.

    Thank you for the chart. My perfect fall day is cool and crisp and clear. Beautiful colors as the leaves turn and sometimes a bit of woodsmoke in the air as folks light up their wood stoves. That was what it was like when I lived in Maine. Here in Pennsylvania probably no woodstoves goings but the rest is true. I love to go to the farm stands and buy apples and fresh pressed cider. And search for the perfect pumpkin. And in the evening settle in for some stitching.

  • Lauralee

    OMG, I love love love this chart!!!
    My perfect day would be walking with hubby and a dog (we’re looking to adopt) through the woods down to the lake. Then coming home and enjoying some hot spiced cider. My favorite time of year!

  • Christel W

    Thank you for the wonderful chart! I think this will be fun to stitch. A perfect fall day is when the leaves have all changed colors, the air is crisp, the sky is blue and sunny and we go to a local craft fair or apple stirrin festival were we have some delicious hot cocoa or hot apple cider. At home, I have something yummy cooking in the crockpot for dinner. We eat dinner and then I get cozy on the couch down in the family room with my fleece blanket, some stitching, a hot cup of coffee, and a movie on TV with the gas fireplace going. Or we have a bonfire in the evening, cook some hotdogs, make s’mores and the kids run around having fun. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.

  • Cheryl

    The perfect autumn day has us pulling on sweaters for the for the chill in the air and brilliant colored leaves reflected in a flooded cranberry bog with the freshly harvested cranberries floating on the surface .

  • Judy Kepler

    Ahhhh…Autumn. My favorite time of the year! The coolness of the air is so inviting and I find it exciting that the yard work, weeding and gardening are done for the year! The house is filled with the warmth of the oven and wonderful smells of baking. Best of all…I now have time to settle into my stitching chair and enjoy linen and thread till my hearts content!!

  • Deborah Lynch

    my perfect fall day is just cool enough for jeans and a light weight jacket, sunny, the tress bursting with color…a walk along a still pond and the trees reflecting off the surface of the water. maybe sitting by the pond with my husband just relaxing and enjoying the sights and sounds.

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