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Fall Back

I have no idea why I don't post photos when they're freshly-taken, but I tend to stay away from my computer for long periods of time. Every day I think to myself, "I really should post the Shepherd's Bush retreat pictures," and every day I put it off… again, my hip issues hamper my enthusiasm for blogging!

But I've culled the retreat photos and edited them in batches, and here they all are, finally! Well, not all… I seem to be missing some important folders that contain the other designers' teaching pieces in their entirety, and I'm completely missing the Just Another Button Company's pumpkin project they taught! (I sincerely hope you've been able to see it elsewhere online, because it's so sweet!)

I'll just start posting in no particular order… you've most likely seen all of the projects and boutique designs presented here, but just in case you suddenly get the urge to add one or two to your Christmas Wish List, then I will be thrilled that I posted them!

Sb tp-13

Sb tp-2

Sb tp-3

The famous sisters… one can't help but be very happy around these two!

Sb tp-14-3

I wanted to know what these girls were laughing so hard at…

Sb tp-11

… but when I saw who was sitting across from them, I immediately knew. Anywhere these amigos are, there is bound to be a lot of laughing!

Sb tp-12

Aren't these miniature versions of the His & Hers Thanksgiving Stockings amazing? Three adorable friends made them and wore them, and of course, I was very impressed (and honored!)…

Sb tp-2-2

Sb tp-3-2

Sb tp-28

Here they are, and such lovely friends! I had so much fun being around them! Their stories and tattle-tale adventures are quite hysterical.

Sb tp-18

Another close-up of Chessie and Me's class piece… stunning!

Sb tp-4

 The Giving Season pinkeep (pictured above) was part of R&R's class.. here are some closer looks at their main sampler. Again, I've got several photos missing that show these outstanding class pieces in all their glory! I'm so disappointed!

Sb tp-5

Sb tp

From around the boutique, set up in one of the resort's large meeting rooms…

Sb tp-4-2

Sb tp-5-2

Sb tp-9-2

Sb tp-8-2

Sb tp-21

Sb tp-10-2

Sb tp-6-2

Sb tp-11-2

Sb tp-12-2

Sb tp-7-2

Sb tp-17-2

Sb tp-13-2

Sb tp-14-2

  Sb tp-19

Sb tp-18-2

Sb tp-15-2

Sb tp-20

Sb tp-25

Sb tp-23

Okay, I have to admit that I was sorely tempted to stitch this using Shepherd's Bush's conversion and the JABC buttons – not to mention the outstanding frame job that Jill Rensel did on it!

Sb tp-16-2

Sb tp-22

More class piece close-ups…

Sb tp-24

Sb tp-7

Sb tp-6

The pincushion exchange for the heifer project was a huge success! What fabulous little works of art!

Sb tp-10

Sb tp-17

Sb tp-15

Sb tp-16

Sb tp-14

On the last night, Tina and Teri organized the most bountiful banquet for all the attendees! The fun included a delicious dinner and dessert, Thanksgiving Bingo, prizes, and a whole lot of laughter and friendship…

Sb tp-9-3

Sb tp-11-3

Sb tp-26

Sb tp-2-3

Sb tp-27

Sb tp-20-2

Sb tp-10-3

Sb tp-3-3

Sb tp-8-3

Sb tp-5-3

Sb tp-4-3

Sb tp-7-3

Sb tp-12-3

Sb tp-13-3

I love this picture.. she found something awfully surprising!

Sb tp-9

One of the prizes was an entire frame and mat set from Rensel Studios for the Shepherd's Bush class piece! What an outstanding prize, and the recipient of this generous gift from Jill was more than thrilled…

Sb tp-15-3

Sb tp-16-3

Sb tp-17-3

One of the attendees stitched one of the mini pieces from my class while she was there (so fast!) and had some of the teachers sign it with a Sharpie, which I thought was such a fun idea! We were all nervous about putting permanent marker to linen, but it all worked out beautifully!

Sb tp-18-3

The kit for this beautiful project was a parting gift from Tina and Teri to all the attendees…

Sb tp-19-2

The 2014 Shepherd's Bush retreat was a highlight of my year! It was such a wonderful time spent with old friends, new friends, lots of stitching projects, and the beautiful scenery, all at the Canyons Resort in Park City. My hope is that Tina and Teri will continue this every-other-year tradition, as it wouldn't be an every-other-year without it. 🙂 I'm so thankful for the time I spent there.

Sb tp-8


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