• Margaret

    I love both ornaments! And the best part is I can tell who designed which! You both are such talented ladies, and I love both of your designs too. Can’t wait for this to arrive at my doorstep!

  • Betty

    Whoo Hoo! The poor postman is being stalked as I anxiously await the delivery of these two goodies. Being a part of Colonial Gatherings Club 2014 has been fabulous! Looking forward to 2015

  • LaNelle

    Fabulous what Christmas beauties they are! Thank you for sharing your talent so the club can exist it’s been a great experience and certainly looking forward to 2015!

  • Pam Lacey

    Both of these are terrific – I just love them. I have enjoyed each of the projects this year for Colonial Gathering, and I am definitely going to continue with the club for 2015. Thanks to both of you for a wonderful year and more to come.

  • Lois Stille

    How do I get the patterns that you show on your Website, because I cannot find them. Please respond, thank you. Your Website is fantastic.

  • linda

    I love your blog here but can’t seem to even find your website? I would love to know how to join in and see what other patterns you have available as well! I haven’t cross stitched in years but I am thinking of restarting again. Thanks for any help please. Linda

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