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Gloom Away

I love that Nebraska has all four seasons, and I enjoy each one as they arrive, but winter certainly does seem to take more than its fair share of the year!  I really do love winter – and we've actually had a typical winter here, so there's been nothing to complain about – but the sunshine is sorely missed.

In an effort to chase away the wintry-snowfall-blues that come from gloomy gray skies, I've been working on a design that uses a slightly different color palette than I usually design with. And it's put me in the best mood!


I brought it with me to market to work on, and thought I had my colors decided, but when Gentle Art came out with their new Loganberry, I knew it had to be added to the floss ring, which includes Raspberry Frost and Linen, and Weeks Dye Works' Mulberry and Sea Foam.. lots of beautiful colors to brighten up my day. 🙂

The moral of this story: If you need some cheering up, and you turn to your stitching for comfort, be sure to take out a happy project! New, soft colors, or a lighter-colored linen can work wonders!

I'm about half finished with this sampler, and have enjoyed every stitch of it. I'm not sure when I will release it, but it will be some time this spring, I'm sure.

By then, the sun will have most likely returned, and I can begin looking forward to the gorgeous wintry snowfalls that come from the softest, silvery-gray skies, just a few short months ahead. 😉


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