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Market Again!

When we last visited, I was in Lone Elm's gorgeous suite. And now we'll enter the Needlework Press room, where I was quite charmed by this Adam and Eve sampler:


I love the two little girls under the tree that the stitcher added. She must have had quite the imagination! And as usual, Vicki and Megan had so many lovely things in addition to their reproduction samplers….



My next door neighbor this year was Claudia of Dutch Treat Designs. I had never met her before, and what a lovely, loveley person she is. She invited me in to see her antique Bristol sampler by orphan Emma Sanford, which Claudia has kindly reproduced for those of us who are fascinated with the history of George Müller's orphanages…


I loved reading about George Müller when I was a young teenager, so to be viewing a real sampler from one of his faith-built orphanages was quite surreal for me. Thank you, Claudia, for sharing your time with me, and for all of the lovely designs you have!


Stacy Nash's room was a real pleasure to visit… the spring flowers – as well as her new designs – were gorgeous, and quite the talk of market!




Bonnie Woomer of The Nebby Needle was on the other side of me at market, and she had a room full of fun girls with her! This was Bonnie's first market, and I hope to have her as a neighbor at future markets. I love her things – these two, especially:



Stepping out of the elevator again…


…And now we're at Threadgatherer's room! Cece has the most luscious silks!


And she always brings along her scrumptious lip balms and other natural products…


Pam and Bob of Olde Colonial Designs are some of my favorite people. And their suite was full of all the beautiful wooden treasures they create for our world of needlework…


Look at this tiny antique perfume bottle and stitched topper:



So sweet…


Praiseworthy Stitches' room was fabulous! They have the most spectacular seasonal samplers…


One of the ladies I was most looking forward to meeting was Niky of Nikyscreations. What a talented artist she is (and several of us agreed that we could spend all day listening to her beautiful Italian accent)…



Her tables were scattered with the most delicate little items, crocheted, stitched, and even wooden…




I so wish I had gotten to visit more people! Perhaps next time… but until then, I leave you with some of the sweet, fresh daffodils Sharon of The Purple Thread brought to me. Daffodils are my very favorite flower, so I was very happy to have them brighten up the little table right next to the doorway…


(Behind the daffodils is the Crowned Bird Sampler, which will be coming to a shop owner near you later this spring or early summer.)

Thank you so much for joining me "at market!" I'm already excited for the next one!


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