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Finishing Troubles?

So many of us love all the needlework accessories, or "smalls," out there, but we fall into one of three categories:

1. Would like to stitch it, but the finishing part is like a pox on me.

2. Would like to stitch it and finish it because I'm very comfortable with a sewing machine or craft glue.

3. Can stitch it if I want, but it may never get finished because while I'm okay with a sewing machine or craft glue, I'd rather be stitching the next fun thing than spending time following a finishing tutorial.

I happen to fall mostly into the third category, because I just don't like the fuss of getting all of my supplies out and then, worse, having to put them all away. However, I did force myself to do the finishing when it came to the Colonial Candle Pocket (released in the A Colonial Gathering club for Dyeing to Stitch last month).

For those of you who have signed up for the club, yet are not chomping at the bit to focus on the included finishing tutorial, your rescuer has arrived! I received an email from Faye Riggsbee , known to many of you as "Carolina Stitcher," and she has offered to take the finishing off your hands if you'd like!

Here are the details:

For $20.00 plus postage (postage is around $4.00), just send her your stitched piece and kit supplies, and she'll do the rest (she's got the tutorial instructions, so no need to send those). There is about a 4-week turnaround, and she'll invoice you when she's finished, so you don't have to pay up front.

If this is something you're interested in, you can email myself or Faye (her email is in her profile of her blog) for her mailing address.

Here is what your finished pocket will look like, and it will be fully lined as well!


Thank you so much for the offer, Faye! Your work is beautiful!


  • anne

    I think I’m in the 3rd category like you Paulette, although, I just finished Jingle Jingle last night! Woot! But hauling out the stuff to make it with then put it back is a nuisance. I love Faye’s finishing and may send her something to be finished in the future to do a finish I have never done before. This pouch is darling and perfect!

  • Robin Hager

    Faye is great, and does a fantastic job! She is a friend and valued customer of mine, and I know she will exceed your expectations!

  • Terri Hall

    I highly recommend using Faye for your finishing needs…she has done quite a bit of finishing for me, and I have LOVED everything she has done. Her work is just as beautiful and meticulous as her stitching!

  • edgar

    I also would HIGHLY recommend Faye, she finished my pocket – you can see it on my Blog, and it is perfect in every way… 2 thumbs up!!!

  • Kimberly

    So glad to know about Faye! I may take her up on this. I love the design and the kit but do not sew well at all. Thanks so much for sharing!

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